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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Patterned with Double Garland
Reference: YSA 03862
Green, pink & mustard-yellow millefiori canes are set around a small yellow star. Encircling this arrangement on an opaque pink ground, is a double spaced garland of white star canes and amber & green composite canes.Fire-polished, slightly concave base with an unfinished pontil. Attributed to 1940/..
Patterned on White (Rare)
Reference: YSA 01863
A meticulously set up patterned millefiori - with three different-coloured cog canes around a complex pink/green centre cane - encircled by a continuous border garland composed of pink/white tubes and maroon/white/yellow cogs alternating with complex light-blue/white composite canes. The unusual fea..
Magnum 1930s Patterned
Reference: YSA 03183
A magnum complex patterned weight with millefiori canes covering most of the mottled amber cushion, which rises well into the dome. The arrangement in the centre includes simple yellow/orange cogs encircled by complex canes and tan/yellow cogs forming short spokes. Between the spokes are complex mau..
Patterned Millefiori / Double Garland
Reference: YSA 01936
A patterned millefiori design - probably pre-1940s; the glass has a slight greyish tint.Complex and simple canes set around a bright-green, white & ruby composite centre cane encircled by a double border garland. The inner ring consists of turquoise and yellow-striped canes, the outer ring has dusty..
Patterned on Terracotta Ground
Reference: YSA 03863
The pattern of pink, blue, white, mauve & yellow millefiori canes in the centre, is encircled by a border garland of millefiori canes and filigree twists enhanced with aventurine. The design is set over an opaque terracotta ground. Wide flat basal rim, concave centre with a small, rough pontil. Slig..
Patterned Millefiori (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA 00627
A colourful, superbly-set paperweight with an opaque mid-blue colour ground. A border garland of 7 large complex millefiori canes - with pairs of smaller canes between them - encloses a central arrangement composed of canes with colours similar to those in the garland.The gold Monart label covering ..
Garlanded Double Clematis (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 03993
A lampwork double clematis - with 10 pale-blue/white ribbed petals around a red/white millefiori “stamen”.  The short curving stem bears 4 green leaves. Encircling the flower is a continuous border garland of dark-blue/pale-blue complex millefiori canes alternating with dark-green/white canes. The d..
Flower in Basket (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01392
A white clematis lampwork flower with copper aventurine veined petals encircling a pink, white & green millefiori cane stamen. Between the petals, the tips of green leaves can be seen, with another 3 leaves issuing from the short, curving stem. The flower is set over a basket of white latticinio tub..
Flower over Latticinio Basket
Reference: YSA 03354
A pink lampwork flower with 10 petals set around a lavender/green/white complex millefiori "stamen". 3 leaves grow from a short, curving stem. The flower is set over a white basket made of 2 different latticinio tubes.The flat, polished base has a lightly-ground “button” pontil mark in the centre. A..
Flower on Latticinio Radials (H cane)
Reference: YSA 03092
A purple flower lies on 12 latticinio radials over a semi-translucent peach colour ground. The 5 aventurine-veined petals are set around a complex pink/white millefiori “stamen”. The tips of green leaves surround the flowerhead, which is borne on a short, curved stem bearing 4 further leaves. Signed..
Rare “Floating” Clematis    (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01717
According to Peter Holmes, this type of weight is rare due to the fact that - during the time he was working with Paul Ysart at Caithness in the 1960s - the artist was trying to create a design in which the central motif and the garland “floated” above the colour ground. The problem was to ensure th..
Pink Flower & Garland (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 03994
A lampwork double clematis with rounded, pink petals, encircling a millefiori stamen is set over a translucent olive-green ground.  The short curved stem bears 3 green leaves. The continuous border garland is composed of green/white/red & ochre/white/red complex millefiori canes. Signed with a green..
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