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Old English

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of paperweights from various English glassworks.

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Richardson 5-row Concentric
Reference: ENG 04352
The cruciform canes in the outer row and the other types of millefiori in this white, pink & blue 5-row concentric would seem to point to an early 20th Century Richardson attribution.  The different lengths of the outer canes has resulted, unfortunately, in a somewhat untidy finish.At some ..
Concentric in White Basket
Reference: ENG 03490
A neat set-up and good colouring in this fine Old English concentric enclosed in a white basket of 8-tooth cog canes. The 4 rows of blue, pink and white millefiori cog & cross canes are centred by a large, white 8-tooth cog lined in red and veneered in aqua. Between the canes are small controlled bu..
Closepack in Multi-coloured Basket
Reference: ENG 03913
Set around a large ruby/white 8-point star, the canes in this large closepack - attributed to H. G. Richardson - are all very similar, but appear in various sizes and different colours - white/ruby, white/blue, white/aquamarine & bluish/mauve. The basket is formed from similar canes with a couple of..
2-ring Concentric
Reference: ENG 03678
A mid-size 2-ring Old English concentric from an unidentified maker. Encircling an 8-lobed, pink/white “flowerhead” cane with wispy blue lining is a ring of small green/white cogs. In the second ring are 9 larger canes, 3 of which are set in opaque white collars. The corrugated staves in the basket ..
Faceted Closepack with Silhouettes
Reference: ENG X074
Although a number of the canes in this closepack are similar to those found in ‘Classic Bacchus’ weights, its attribution must be to an as yet unidentified English maker.  The overall tonality is pink, red & white with splashes of blue & green. Scattered among the canes are 4 distorted black-on-whit..
Magnum 3-row
Reference: ENG 03025
3 rows of neatly-set white corrugated canes - lined in aqua, pink & pale-blue - encircle a central ruby-lined cog cane. The outer row of canes has been carefully drawn underneath the set-up to the centre of the base to give a tidy finish around the end of the centre cane. (See image No.3). Cut with ..
Purple Stave Basket
Reference: ENG X133
A 3-row concentric set in a basket of purple corrugated canes from an unknown maker. The canes in the first row encircling the centre are simple red/white cogs followed by a row composed of 9 different complex canes.  The third row features 15 pale-green, ogee-tipped canes containing 4 miniatur..
Magnum Old English Concentric
Reference: ENG 00983
A magnum Old English concentric from an, as yet unknown maker, with a large central feature cane, which is repeated in a smaller version in the first row. In the second row, pale-green ogee canes with a pink centre alternate with white cogs around a blue & red corrugated tube. The outer row is compo..
Footed Magnum Closepack
Reference: ENG 02681
Some of the canes in this “loose” closepack match those in Fig. 2 of Bob Hall’s article “Of Bacchus, Terry and Bob” in the 2002 PCA Annual Bulletin (page 53). At the time, they were called “Later Bacchus” (ca. 1870). More recent research tends to dispute this. Overall tonality is white or thinly-coa..
3-Row Concentric
Reference: ENG K320
A good, low-domed Old English concentric with 3 rings of slightly-splayed, neatly-set millefiori canes around a triple-crimp feature cane. Within the flower-like, 20-tooth white crimp is a 12-tooth pale-blue & white crimp, which in turn, is centred by a pink-sheathed, 8-tooth white cog. Between the ..
Richardson Concentric
Reference: ENG 02105
This magnum 6-row concentric can be attributed most likely to the Richardson glassworks. The rows of canes - with a predominant white tonality relieved by touches of mid-blue, red, pink and pale-green - are well set up with virtually no slippage and centred by a white 8-tooth cog cane veneered in r..
Five Rabbit Silhouettes
Reference: ENG 01873
An attractively coloured, medium-size weight - probably from the Walsh-Walsh glassworks in Birmingham - with 5 white rabbit silhouettes set amongst a cluster of pale-lavender, blue & white cog canes enclosed within a border garland of white & pale-blue cogs.A low domed weight with a wide, flat base ..
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