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Brown, Jim

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

The paperweights illustrated below show a cross-section of the work of this millefiori artist.

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Large Faceted Closepack (2014)
Reference: BRO 03342
Enclosed in a basket of white & lavender crimps is a tightly-packed cushion of complex canes. Adding splashes of colour to the predominantly blue/green palette are reds, pinks & burnt-orange. Cleverly camouflaged in one of the canes is the silhouette of a green frog ! The crimp basket is drawn to a ..
Green Carpet Ground (2014)
Reference: BRO 03345
A carpet ground made of pale-green crimps - in the style of antique St. Louis weights. The white/green/red centre floret is encircled by a ring of slightly darker green crimps. Distributed around the carpet are 5 florets similar to the one in the centre The outer ring of crimps is drawn underneath a..
Faceted Concentric (2012)
Reference: BRO 03344
A 5-row concentric with complex millefiori, crimp and ruffle canes in green, white, blue & pale-yellow encircling a mauve/white centre cane. The canes are encased in a basket of pale-blue crimp canes, with a darker blue lining. The weight is finished with a small top facet and 6 side facets.A “B” si..
Spaced on White Ground (2011)
Reference: BRO 01975
A spaced concentric - 14 complex millefiori canes in 2 rows around a white & pink centre cane - set on an opaque white ground, a difficult colour to work with and seldom used for colour grounds. A “B” signature cane is set in the outer row. The weight is also scratch-signed & dated on the po..
Blue Closepack (2011)
Reference: BRO 01976
A high cushion closepack with a predominantly blue tonality - pastel & darker blues - such as the blue stars scattered around the canopy of canes. But amongst the numerous complex millefiori canes are touches of soft-hued greens, pinks, yellows & lilac... all enclosed in a basket of hollow w..
Millefiori & Latticinio Spokes (2007/8)
Reference: BRO 03188
Subtly-coloured millefiori combined with white latticinio spokes. Encircling a pale-green/white complex centre cane are 2 rows of white/red & blue/white crimps plus a row of white ruffle canes. The fine latticinio spokes divide 4 rows of millefiori canes: white stardust, white/pale-green crimps, pin..
Cruciform Closepack (2007)
Reference: BRO 00936
From a blue-and-white centre cane, dark-blue tubes with white latticinio threads spiralling around them - lined on both sides by white ruffle canes - divide the weight into 4 panels. Each quadrant is closely packed with an assortment of intricate crimp and complex canes, in shades ranging from green..
Carpetground with Camomile (2007)
Reference: BRO 01021
A large, white-edged, pale-blue camomile, encircled by a row of alternating green/white and white/pink crimp canes centres this attractive carpet ground. The other 3 rows of millefiori canes have a slate-blue centre surrounded by a white 8-toothed cog in a white corrugated “collar”. The outer row is..
Magnum Closepack (2007)
Reference: BRO 01020
A great array of canes... ruffles, stars, cogs, crimps... in colours ranging from pale-lavender, pink, blue and green to ruby, purple, brown and cobalt-blue; all set around a small, pale-pink camomile and enclosed in multi-coloured staves drawn underneath to form a basket. The weight also contains t..
Concentric in Green Basket (2007)
Reference: BRO 01019
A meticulously-set up 6-row concentric with great canes in a subtle range of colours. The complex feature cane in the centre - with white stars and pink-lined tubes - is encircled by rings of ruffle and corrugated canes in shades of pale-green, blue, white, pink and honey. The canes are enclosed in ..
White & Magenta Centre Cane (2007)
Reference: BRO 00939
Hollow white crimps form a basket around a large white & magenta feature cane and 2 rows of millefiori. The first row has 14 white, double-ruffle canes; the second row is composed of blue-veneered white collars around pale-green tubes. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 8 oval side fac..
Closepack/Multi-coloured Basket (2007)
Reference: BRO 00938
A standard-size weight with a good assortment of crimps, cogs, crosses, ruffles, collars, and complex composite canes in an amazing range of colours - violet, forest green with aventurine, pale green, pink, aqua, mauve, pale and cobalt blue, peach, cranberry, yellow and white - enclosed in a multi-c..
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