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Buzzini, Chris

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows some of the excellent lampwork produced by this skilled artist.

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Blueberries & Thistles 1/1 (2010)
Reference: BUZ 01634
A superb mixed bouquet, which captures the full beauty of nature. The pastel shades of 2 white peregrine thistles, a pale-pink aster with fine yellow stamen and 3 pink buds are enhanced by the stronger colours of plump, ripe blueberries. Completing the design - over clear ground - are curved, stripe..
Tahoka Daisies & Berries 1/1 (2009)
Reference: BUZ 01411
A beautiful flower & berry arrangement with intertwining stems and branches bearing 2 large Tahoka daisies with fine yellow fibres at the centre of the bluish-mauve rays, buds, red and green berries, mottled red and green leaves and curling tendrils.   Signed around the middle of the weight: Buzzini..
Yellow Western Wallflower 1/1 (2009)
Reference: BUZ 01453
Long, lanceolate leaves surround an erect stem bearing the showy yellow flower head of a western wallflower - a member of the mustard family. 8 blossoms in full flower - along with a cluster of buds in various stages of growth - adorn the tall stock growing in dry grassy ground amongst tendrils and ..
Buddleia & Blueberries 1/1 (2008)
Reference: BUZ SA023
The clear glass set with a cool and crisp summer bouquet featuring a large cluster of delicate pink buddleia blossom (butterfly bush), pale-blue wild flax, a white thistle, a white marsh marigold and 3 ripe blueberries. Entwined in the arrangement are tapering and mottled leaves, stems and tendrils...
White Thistles & Berries 1/1 (2008)
Reference: BUZ 01257
Buzzini at his best - capturing nature in glass ! A countryside bouquet composed of 4 white peregrine thistles, a large, bright-yellow daisy with bud, 3 red hawthorn berries and 5 ripe blueberries - intertwined with leaves, trendrils and stems over a clear ground; a vibrant 3-dimensional arrangement..
Japanese Camellias 1/1 (2008)
Reference: BUZ 01256
A fine floral arrangement: 2 shaded pink/white Japanese camellias with upright yellow anthers, buds, white trumpet-shaped alpine collomia and buds and 3 plump blueberries. Mottled and striped leaves, curling tendrils and stems complete the crescent-shaped bouquet set over a clear ground. Signed, dat..
Arnica & Red Berries 1/1 (2006)
Reference: BUZ 01296
The clear glass set with 2 yellow arnica flowers in full bloom, yellow buds and  vibrant red hawthorn berries, entwined with mottled green leaves and tendrils in a colourful nature study from this highly-talented artist.Signed and dated around the weight: Buzzini ‘06 One-of-One. Polished, concave ba..
Blue Gilia 1/1 (2001)
Reference: BUZ 01258
A one-off design over clear ground depicting yellow-centred, deep-blue gilia - a member of the phlox family -  flowering on a curving stem along with several buds and striped green leaves. Caught within the complex root system is a “nugget” of 24K gold!Signed and dated around the weight: Buzzini ‘01..
Asters & Blackberries (2000)
Reference: BUZ K100
An Artist Proof; 2 pale-violet asters with yellow filament stamen arranged with 2 buds about to unfurl and  deep-purple blackberries amidst long curling variegated leaves borne on intertwined brown stems over clear ground.Script-signed above the rim of the polished, concave base: Buzzini 2000 Asters..
Spring Beauty- Ed.25 (1998)
Reference: BUZ 01260
From the series “American Beauty Florals” a delightful depiction over clear ground of 4 pale-pink Spring Beauties in full bloom, amidst beige-coloured Ranger’s Buttons, interwoven with long, tapering green leaves. Signed, dated and numbered on the side above the polished, concave base: Buzzini ‘98 S..
Apple Blossom & Speedwell (1998)
Reference: BUZ 01261
Encased in clear glass are 2 pink & white apple blossoms with a spray of purple speedwell flowers and buds. Growing from the stems are long narrow leaves. One of a series of paperweights made by the artist under the title “American Beauty Florals”  - a limited edition of 25.Signed, dated and numbere..
Bluets 1/1 (1997)
Reference: BUZ 01259
A member of the bedstraw family, this delicate, low-growing plant with slender stems, bears small, pale-blue flowers with veined petals and bright yellow centres. The crescent-shaped cluster depicted here over clear ground has 5 open flowers, deeper blue buds, tapering leaves and intertwined stems.S..
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