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Holmes, Peter

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows the variety of work by this talented Scottish artist.

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Clematis & Spokes 1/1 (2012)
Reference: PHL 03075
A large, pink & white striped clematis - the petals edged with green - with a fine pale-yellow filament stamen, is set over a mottled translucent turquoise colour ground. Encircling the flower is a garland of red aventurine spokes punctuated by puce & white corrugated millefiori canes.Incorporated i..
Flower & Millefiori 1/1 (2012)
Reference: PHL 03074
A 5-petalled orange & white flower is encircled by a garland with 5 complex millefiori canes separated by pairs of smaller canes. The 5 large canes are composed of different canes in different colours - ranging from aquamarine, amber, orange & blue to pale-violet, pink, red & bright-gree..
Green/Mauve Marbrie 1/1 (2012)
Reference: PHL 02371
A 4-colour marbrie over a white ground. The coloured swags are anthracite-grey, emerald-green, mauve and a pale yellowish-green - crowned with a blue, white, green & pale-pink complex millefiori cane. There are a couple of air bubbles towards the lower part of the weight but they don’t detract f..
Bouquet on Blue/white Lace (2011)
Reference: PHL 01954
A bouquet composed of a single yellow clematis with ribbed petals and a bright-yellow dog rose with 5 heart-shaped petals arranged with yellow buds and green leaves on a bed of blue/white lace. Encircling the flowers is a millefiori garland with amber/white/green cogs alternating with pale-orange/pa..
Garlanded Purple Clematis (2011)
Reference: PHL 01953
A 5+1 faceted weight inset with white upset muslin and a continuous garland of alternating purple/white and coral-pink /white millefiori canes encircling the central feature: a purple double clematis, borne on a short stem with a single bud and 3 green leaves.A PH signature cane is set at the base o..
3-Flower Bouquet (2011)
Reference: PHL 01952
Resting on a bed of pale-green lace are a yellow pelargonium, a clematis with red & white striped petals and a turquoise/white clematis with deeply-cupped petals. Red & yellow buds and pale & dark-green foliage complete the bouquet. Encircling the arrangement is a millefiori garland com..
Yellow Primrose (2011)
Reference: PHL 01951
A bright yellow primrose surrounded by yellow buds and green leaves rests on a bed of white lace. The border garland is composed of alternating aquamarine/white cogs and composite pale-orange/pale-green/white internal-daisy canes.Signed with a green/white PH cane and scratch-signed above the rim of ..
Bouquet Ed. 25 (2007)
Reference: PHL 00871
A fine floral arrangement composed of 3 flowers, tightly-furled buds and clusters of green leaves. The white petals of the 3 flowers are edged in blue with pale-yellow anthers at the centre. The bouquet is set over a marbled pale-amber ground. The weight is finished with a concave top and 5 side fac..
Patterned Millefiori (2007)
Reference: PHL X147
Set around a central Ysart-style complex millefiori cane are 5 similar complex canes linked by pairs of smaller corrugated canes plus 5 white cog canes with a yellow surround. The canes are arranged on a semi-translucent mottled brown/oatmeal-coloured ground. A mirror-inverted PH cane is incorporate..
Patterned Millefiori (2007)
Reference: PHL 01003
Set over a teal ground are 5 large, complex Ysart-style millefiori canes linked by pairs of smaller canes plus 5 white corrugated canes set in a yellow surround. The canes are arranged around a complex central cane. Cut with a round top window and 5 oval side facets.A PH signature cane is incorporat..
Scattered Millefiori 1/1 (2005)
Reference: PHL 00326
16 complex millefiori canes in various sizes, scattered on an oatmeal-coloured ground plus a new PH signature cane (white with a green internal star). Large circular top window and 6 side facets.Signed on the polished base: Peter Holmes 1/1 2005.Although Peter has made a number of these weights - so..
Lavender Clematis 1/1 (2005)
Reference: PHL 00321
Set in clear glass is a lavender single clematis with 5 petals, a blue & white millefiori cane “stamen”, green leaves and stem. Completing the design is a garland of alternating red & white cogs and blue & white composite canes. 5+1 faceting.A PH signature cane is set at the bottom of th..
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