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Jay Glass

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.
This page shows typical examples of Jay Glass weights produced from 1978 to 1983.

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Floral Arrangement  (1983)
Reference: JAY 00799
                 Set on an opaque rose-coloured ground are 3 blue & 3 white flowers with deeply-cupped petals and a large 3-layer pink dahlia with a bud. All the flowers have complex millefiori “stamen”. Around the..
Dragonfly & Anemones (1981)
Reference: JAY 00798
                  A topaz-bodied dragonfly, with white & pale-green latticinio wings, flutters over 2 purple & white anemones with deeply-cupped petals and upright orange stamen. The arrangement - over clear ground - is completed by a bud, green leaves and brown stem. Cut with a circular top facet..
Faceted Wild Rose (1981)
Reference: JAY 00800
                      A wild rose with 5 deep-pink petals around a black & orange stamen. The flower is supported on a short brown stem and surrounded by pale-green leaves over a white latticinio “crown”. Cut with a pentagonal top facet and geometric side faceting.An “A” cane at the base of the stem..
J69 Camomile with Garland (1981)
Reference: JAY 01608
Design J69: A pale-lemon camomile formed from 4 rows of white-edged “C”-canes around a red, white & green complex millefiori “stamen”. Borne on a short stem with 2 green leaves, the flower is encircled by a garland of alternating blue/white & pink/green star canes. Cut with a large circular ..
J63 Spring Wildflowers (1980)
Reference: JAY 00350
Design J63: A spray of 6 wild flowers arranged on a black ground - one of the J-Glass weights made in conjunction with Allan Scott specifically for the American market.  6+1 faceting.Set in the underside of the weight is a J 1980 signature/date cane, plus an "A" cane.  (Includes original c..
J42 Wild Cherry Blossom (1980)
Reference: JAY 04354
Design J42: A large weight with 4 white cherry blossoms with yellow & orange upright stamens. The arrangement - over a clear ground - is completed with tightly-closed buds, dark-brown branches and pale-green leaves. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 10 oval side facets.Signed..
J41 Large Bouquet Faceted (1980)
Reference: JAY 04355
Design J41: A large weight with a purple/yellow primrose, a pale-pink double clematis and a crimson single clematis arranged with buds and blue & green foliage over a clear ground.  The weight is finished with a circular top window and 16 oval side facets.Signed with a tiny complex blue/mau..
Garlanded Pansy (1980)
Reference: JAY 00349
           A lampwork deep-purple & pale-amber pansy with the tips of green leaves about the flowerhead, which has a green & purple millefiori star stamen. These 2 colours are repeated in the garland...with purple & white stars alter..
Rambling Rose - Ed. 25 (1979)
Reference: JAY 03844
Rambling Rose was a Special Limited Edition of 25 weights issued byJay-Glass in 1979 for Spinks. The lampwork flower - with 5 deeply-cupped, pale-pink petals around a complex millefiori cane - is set amidst a 2 stems bearing variegated green leaves. The opaque black ground is, in fact, semi-transluc..
J20 Blue Clematis (1979)
Reference: JAY 03400
Design J20: A mid-blue clematis formed from 12 deeply-cupped lampwork petals around a white stardust millefiori “stamen” and set over parallel white latticinio tubes. The flower is borne on a short stem with 3 green leaves; the tips of 4 further leaves are set around it.Signed with a J 1979 date can..
J18 Dragonfly (1979)
Reference: JAY 00903
                             Design J18: A black-bodied dragonfly with delicate, outstretched latticinio wings - the lower ones bearing black eye-spots - is depicted over a translucent pinkish-amethyst ground. Spaced around the perimeter are 7 pink millefiori canes... all encircled by a green & wh..
J12 Stave Crown (1979)
Reference: JAY 03843
Design J12: this was the first crown weight made by Jay-Glass in the style of the antique St. Louis design. 10 twisted red/green ribbons alternating with twisted strands of white latticinio radiate out from a composite millefiori cane to meet up again in the polished, concave base.A J 1979 signature..
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