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Stankard, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of probably one of the best-known lampwork artists.

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Triple St Anthony’s Fire Bouquet (1979)
Reference: STA 04135
Framing three St Anthony’s fire blossoms in this arrangement of flowers and berries are yellow blossoms with upright orange stamen, white foxgloves and three ripe blackberries.  Green stems and leaves complete the bouquet.Signed on the side with a red “S” initial cane. Scratch-numbered A441 and date..
Arethusa Orchids (1981)
Reference: STA 04136
Set in clear glass are a pair of Arethusa orchids - also known as dragon’s mouth orchids. The pale-pink flowers have a showy lip and white & yellow fringed crests.  The flowers are supported on a stalk bearing narrow green leaves and growing from an exposed root system.Signed with a black “S” initia..
Dragonfly & Apple Blossom (2000)
Reference: STA X126
A beautiful 3-dimensional nature study with a red dragonfly hovering above a branch bearing flowering pink-tinged apple blossom, tightly-closed buds and curling variegated green leaves. On the lower blossom a ant is making a meal of one of the petals. Set on one side is a cane with the words “SEEDS”..
St. Anthony’s Fire (1978)
Reference: STA 03404
An early design from this iconic American lampwork artist: St. Anthony’s fire - a flower that he frequently portrayed either as a single element or, as here, in a bouquet with stems and leaves.Signed on the side with a red “S” initial cane. Engraved A 281 and dated 1978.  ..
Nature Study Botanical (2000)
Reference: STA X110
The clear crystal of the slightly tapering upright weight encloses a sprig of white pineland pickerel, variegated green leaves and a bursting seed pod. An ant has made itself at home on one of the white flowers. Inscribed on a side shoot is the word “FERTILE” and the complex root system is inhabited..
Braided Floral Arrangement (1982)
Reference: STA 03006
A floral arrangement combining a large pale-pink China rose, pink bud, yellow-centred, purple-streaked marguerites, several blue forget-me-nots and blue & yellow buds ...issuing from braided greenish-brown stems over clear ground. Scratch-signed Paul Stankard  B 698  1982 next to the yellow & black ..
Flowers & Fruit (1993)
Reference: STA 01268
A flower & fruit arrangement with mottled blue/white flowers, yellow-centred white & pink daisies, pale-blue forget-me-nots and buds as well as 3 ripe blackberries over clear ground. The design is completed by a cluster of stems - with a blue-shaded, white-bodied “earth spirit” clinging to the under..
Cymbidium Orchids (1993)
Reference: STA 01267
A curved stem bearing 3 pale-yellow orchids - tinged with orange - and 3 tightly-closed buds, hangs down from a bulb with trailing ariel roots and a tuft of variegated, lanceolate leaves. Signed with a brown & white “PS 93" cane, the weight is inscribed “F 46" above the basal rim of the polished, co..
Squash Blossoms & Seed Pods (1997)
Reference: STA X090
A bee hovers above yellow squash flowers, striped green leaves, a firmly-closed seed pod and one which has split open and has red seeds spilling out of it...together with a clump of earth and roots containing 2 canes with the word “SEEDS”. Set in the side is a PS 97 signature/date cane and the weigh..
Trailing Arbutus Bouquet (1986)
Reference: STA X091
3 shaded pink trailing arbutus blossoms and a deep-purple berry - flanked by 2 white spring beauty flowers - centre this beautiful bouquet. A taller stem bears buds and a cluster of small, bright red flowers in full bloom. The design is completed by tightly-gathered brown and red stalks and numerous..
Faceted Forget-me-Nots (1986)
Reference: STA 01053
One of a number of the artist’s interpretations of this ever-popular flower: a gracefully curving stem bearing yellow-centred forget-me-nots, clusters of pale-yellow buds and curling leaves over  clear ground. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 5 side facets. A brown/white “S” signatur..
Lady’s Slipper Orchid (1980)
Reference: STA 00901
Set in clear crystal, the orchid has twisted, pale-yellow ribbon-like petals with black spots along the sides. A yellow stamen can be seen at the top of the lip. The single flower is borne on a stalk above 3 narrow, variegated green leaves and a pale, curling root system. Signed with a blue “S” cane..
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