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Stankard, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of probably one of the best-known lampwork artists.

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Dragonfly & Apple Blossom (2000)
Reference: STA X126
A beautiful 3-dimensional nature study with a red dragonfly hovering above a branch bearing flowering pink-tinged apple blossom, tightly-closed buds and curling variegated green leaves. On the lower blossom a ant is making a meal of one of the petals. Set on one side is a cane with the words “SEEDS”..
Nature Study Botanical (2000)
Reference: STA X110
The clear crystal of the slightly tapering upright weight encloses a sprig of white pineland pickerel, variegated green leaves and a bursting seed pod. An ant has made itself at home on one of the white flowers. Inscribed on a side shoot is the word “FERTILE” and the complex root system is inhabited..
Squash Blossoms & Seed Pods (1997)
Reference: STA X090
A bee hovers above yellow squash flowers, striped green leaves, a firmly-closed seed pod and one which has split open and has red seeds spilling out of it...together with a clump of earth and roots containing 2 canes with the word “SEEDS”. Set in the side is a PS 97 signature/date cane and the weigh..
Flowers & Fruit (1993)
Reference: STA 01268
A flower & fruit arrangement with mottled blue/white flowers, yellow-centred white & pink daisies, pale-blue forget-me-nots and buds as well as 3 ripe blackberries over clear ground. The design is completed by a cluster of stems - with a blue-shaded, white-bodied “earth spirit” clinging to the under..
Cymbidium Orchids (1993)
Reference: STA 01267
A curved stem bearing 3 pale-yellow orchids - tinged with orange - and 3 tightly-closed buds, hangs down from a bulb with trailing ariel roots and a tuft of variegated, lanceolate leaves. Signed with a brown & white “PS 93" cane, the weight is inscribed “F 46" above the basal rim of the polished, co..
Orchids on a Branch (1987)
Reference: STA 00994
Growing in a forked brown branch from a tuft of brownish-green leaves are green, orange and speckled lemon & mauve orchids and buds with trailing ariel roots - over clear ground.Fully signed, numbered and dated above the basal rim of the polished, concave base: Paul J. Stankard C198 1987...
Trailing Arbutus Bouquet (1986)
Reference: STA X091
3 shaded pink trailing arbutus blossoms and a deep-purple berry - flanked by 2 white spring beauty flowers - centre this beautiful bouquet. A taller stem bears buds and a cluster of small, bright red flowers in full bloom. The design is completed by tightly-gathered brown and red stalks and numerous..
Botanical Study (1986)
Reference: STA 00609
2 orange/yellow flowers with 2 buds atop a curving stalk and 3 brown seed pods on a second stalk growing above several narrow, variegated green leaves with trailing roots over a clear ground.Signed with an "S" cane; inscribed and dated: CO75 1986.  ..
Faceted Forget-me-Nots (1986)
Reference: STA 01053
One of a number of the artist’s interpretations of this ever-popular flower: a gracefully curving stem bearing yellow-centred forget-me-nots, clusters of pale-yellow buds and curling leaves over  clear ground. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 5 side facets. A brown/white “S” signatur..
Forget-me-Nots (1985)
Reference: STA 01052
The clear glass encloses a curved stem bearing 2 groups of yellow-centred forget-me-nots, clusters of small yellow buds and 3 curling green leaves.A brown & white “S” cane is set in the side; the weight is scratch-signed, numbered and dated: Paul Stankard A174 ‘85. Polished, concave base.  ..
Life Cycle (1983)
Reference: STA 00995
A plant’s life-cycle from seed-pod, to buds and, finally, blossoms. Above the ariel roots, a lavender-coloured seed-pod has split open to disperse its contents. Growing from the roots is a branched stem bearing buds, pale-lemon blossoms in full bloom and small green leaves. Signed with a pale-blue/w..
Braided Floral Arrangement (1982)
Reference: STA 03006
A floral arrangement combining a large pale-pink China rose, pink bud, yellow-centred, purple-streaked marguerites, several blue forget-me-nots and blue & yellow buds ...issuing from braided greenish-brown stems over clear ground. Scratch-signed Paul Stankard  B 698  1982 next to the yellow & black ..
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