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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the mainly abstract designs of this now defunct Scottish glassworks.

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Cavalcade- Ed. 450 (1985)
Reference: SEL 03268
A cavalcade is a ceremonial procession, a pageant; here it’s a whirl of colourful, translucent glass kites - red, blue, green & purple - lightly tethered to the white crystalline ground below them.Signed around the flat, polished base: Selkirk Glass, Scotland, Cavalcade 191/450, 1985...
Lotus- Ed. 450 (1987)
Reference: SEL 03158
An enigmatic design. Is it perhaps a stylized flower with mottled mint & white petals enclosing 3 dark-green curling “anthers” rising from a ground of golden bubbles - or does it represent the mythical fruit which was believed to induce a state of dreamy content and forgetfulness ? Either way, it’s ..
Seven Stars- Ed. 500 (1993)
Reference: SEL 03289
David McGregor described his design as an interpretation of a “spiral of stars moving on an endless journey within a distant galaxy”. The silver “stars” - attached to orange threads - spiral above 2 celestial bodies over a red, white & blue ground covered with a myriad of bubbles.Signed around the p..
Sceptre- Ed. 350 (1981)
Reference: SEL 03367
An early abstract design from Peter Holmes: rising from a lava ground covered with mounds of tiny golden bubbles, is a golden rod encircled by a silver planetary ring. A PH signature cane is set in the flat polished base, which is etched, numbered & dated: Selkirk Glass Scotland, Sceptre, 27/350 198..
Carnival- Ed. 500 (1987)
Reference: SEL K281
A Peter Holmes design interpreting the exuberant fun of the fairground. As if exploding from the 2 crescent-shaped silver bubbles lying on the white crystalline base, translucent blue, green and red streamers swirl around and between the myriad larger and smaller silver bubbles filling the dome.Sign..
Inca- Ed. 500 (1984)
Reference: SEL 02707
An early design incorporating 2 silver bubbles over a ground of molten "gold". The lower bubble is shrouded in a fine purple veil which extends to the 8 smaller bubbles encircling it. The second, larger bubble floats above the others, representing, perhaps, the sun god - the centre of religious beli..
Cyclone- Ed. 500 (1981)
Reference: SEL 02706
A relatively early example of an abstract design from this Scottish glasshouse, which produced its first weights in 1978. Cyclone: “a wind rotating round a calm central area”; and that is precisely what is interpreted here. Rising from a shimmering blue ground, layers of fine crystalline bubbles swi..
Wedding Crown- Ed. 250 (1981)
Reference: SEL 02134
Issued to commemorate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Red, white & blue ribbons radiate out over a cobalt blue core from under a complex red, white & blue cane with a stylized crown, a heart silhouette, the letters “C” and “D” and the date 1981.Engraved on the base: Selkirk Gla..
Emblem- Ed. 500 (1979)
Reference: SEL 01776
An early weight from Selkirk: the first of a series of 4 designs illustrating the National Emblems of Great Britain. The complex centre cane bears the Thistle of Scotland. 5 colourful composite millefiori canes are spaced around it over a translucent, cobalt-blue ground.The weight has a low dome and..
Spirals 1/1 (1987)
Reference: SEL 01767
A spherical weight with a “sculpted” surface and a polished front facet giving a view onto a sparkling abstract design. From an opaque white & speckled-blue ground a vortex of blue and amber tinted glass - liberally sprinkled with fine particles of silver mica - swirls upwards towards a large silver..
Snow Queen- Ed. 500 (1998)
Reference: SEL 02450
A magnum abstract design in silver & white over a pale-pink ground within a slate-blue exterior. At the centre of parallel circles of small controlled bubbles, hovers an opaque-silver planetary ring with a large bubble rising above it. Spinning around the ring, a multitude of fine white threads crea..
Cadenza Purple (2002)
Reference: SEL 02405
A Kenneth Scott design first introduced in 2001. Over a mottled purple & white ground, wispy purple & white streamers swirl around a silvery central bubble under a mass of spiralling air bubbles. Although originally described as a “miniature” , this example is somewhat larger !Signed and dated on th..
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