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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

An overview illustrating the range of designs produced by this French glasshouse in the mid-19th Century.

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Excellent Turquoise/White Barberpole
Reference: CLI K347
A large red & white complex millefiori cane is positioned at the centre of the design surrounded by two spaced concentric rings of assorted complex canes separated by short segments of turquoise and white latticinio. Cane colours include violet, green, blue burgundy, pink & ochre. The millefiori is ..
Fine Barberpole with 3 Roses
Reference: CLI 03666
Separating two spaced concentric rings of assorted complex millefiori canes set over a ground of parallel filigree rods, are short lengths of green & white twisted ribbon. There are 3 roses amongst the canes: a trademark pink/green rose, a white rose with red stamen and a rare white rose with red se..
Small Pansy & Bud
Reference: CLI K353
The clear crystal set with a small lampwork pansy with two purple upper petals and 3 pale-yellow lower petals marked with short black veins.  The curved stem bears two leaves and a further stem carries a small purple bud tightly furled in green sepals.A wear ring surrounds the polished, concave base..
Fine Concentric with 25 Roses
Reference: CLI 00984
A 6-row concentric centred on a large green/white pastry-mould cane with concentric yellow rods. The weight is dominated by a ring of 25 pink & green roses.  In the first, third and fifth rows are alternating canes. The millefiori canes are set in basket of opaque white and translucent aquamarine st..
Millefiori in a Basket
Reference: CLI 00836
A composite cane with 8 blue, white & pink rods within a quartet of turquoise & white canes centres the design. Encircling the centre cane are 7 concentric rings of alternating complex canes set within a pink & white stave basket.Unfortunately, the basket has a number of manufacturing fa..
2-Ring Concentric- Turquoise Rose
Reference: CLI 03243
A good 2-ring concentric design centred by a complex ruby/white/green millefiori cane. The canes - including a rare turquoise rose plus a pink/green rose - are set on a muslin cushion over parallel latticinio rods.Polished, deeply-concave base with a wide wear ring.  ..
Concentric on Muslin - Centre Rose
Reference: CLI 01882
17 complex millefiori canes - pastry moulds, composite, corrugated & star canes - in shades ranging from coral-pink, turquoise & yellow to cobalt-blue, ruby, amber & green - arranged in 2 concentric rings framing a perfectly-formed pink & green rose over typical Clichy parallel strips of muslin.Poli..
Centre "Rose within a Rose”
Reference: CLI 01201
A medium-sized, 3-row concentric centred by one of those relatively rare canes - a pink rose within a pink rose! (See article by Andrew Dohan, PCA Bulletin 1999, Page 12, Fig.4). There are 3 other roses ; a white one (with 7 red/white tubes in the centre), a white & pink rose with yellow rod stamen ..
Close Concentric- Centre Rose
Reference: CLI 00655
A fine miniature 2-row concentric on clear with a pink/green rose in the centre surrounded by 18 closely-packed canes - including a white/green rose.Polished, concave base with a narrow wear rim...
Concentric Millefiori on Muslin
Reference: CLI 02389
A well-formed pink & green rose centres this 2-row concentric on a muslin cushion over parallel latticinio rods. The majority of the millefiori canes are complex pastry-moulds with just a couple of corrugated canes - in the vibrant colours so typical for Clichy: burgundy, moss-green, aubergine, coba..
Concentric - "C" Cane, 3 Roses
Reference: CLI 01575
A small concentric with 21 vibrantly-coloured millefiori canes centred by a large composite cane with 9 violet & white stars around a white star in a green collar. In the first row is a turquoise cane signed with a red “C” and a pink & green rose. In the outer row, is a dark-blue cane with a miniatu..
Early 7-row Concentric
Reference: CLI 02335
An early Clichy concentric with 7 rows of millefiori canes - including a row containing 28 “early pink roses” - sometimes considered to be the forerunner of the trademark Clichy rose as we know it. (See remarks on page 273 of Paul Dunlop’s “Dictionary of Glass Paperweights”). The canes are set on an..
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