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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of classic Venetian paperweights.

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Important Bigaglia- Signed & Dated
Reference: VEN 00676
This cone-shaped weight is notable because, in addition to the (reversed) PoB 1845 date cane, it contains whole and partial Franchini canes and approx. 40 silhouettes; including a dancing figure (Arlecchino ?), 2 lyres as well as numerous dogs, horses, ducks and pairs of birds. There are also a numb..
Scrambled (Franchini ?)
Reference: VEN 02436
Possibly an early example from the Franchini workshop. Nestling among the mainly pink & white latticinio cables and aventurine inclusions in this mid-19th century scrambled, are 14 or 15 millefiori canes. There are basically two types - with slight variations - and consist mainly of tubes and rods i..
Scrambled with Millefiori Canes
Reference: VEN 03491
A mid-19th century scrambled - possibly by Pietro Bigaglia - with pink & white filigree rods, aventurine inclusions and coloured twists. Strewn around the cushion are ca. 20 millefiori canes: blue/white cogs with brick-red markings. A couple of others are similar: one has an aquamarine coating, the ..
Knopped Scrambled
Reference: VEN 00830
A knop decorates the top of this low-domed Venetian weight, which is filled with lengths of white latticinio, and red & white, yellow and blue & white ribbons and twists...enriched with aventurine inclusions. The base shows the typical broken pontil mark and wear on the basal rim.  ..
19th Century Scrambled
Reference: VEN 04276
A scrambled weight filled with strips of fine white filigree cable, ruby/white rods, red/white, blue/white & aquamarine/white corkscrew ribbons and copper aventurine inclusions. As so often with these mid-19th Century Venetian weights, the surface is very slightly uneven.  Indented base with a broke..
Medium-sized Scrambled
Reference: VEN 03020
Fine latticinio cables, red/white & blue/white ribbons and a couple of small copper aventurine inclusions are packed into this attractive example of a mid-19th Century Venetian paperweight The surface of the low-domed weight is slightly uneven, a feature often seen in Venetian paperweights of the p..
Aventurine Scrambled
Reference: VEN 03819
Large aventurine inclusions together with sections of white filigree and ruby/white, blue/white & yellow/white corkscrew twists fill this typical mid-19th Century low-domed scrambled weight. The surface is slightly uneven with a couple of imperfections.Flat, slightly uneven base with a lightly-groun..
Pink Filigree Scrambled
Reference: VEN 03018
Pink filigree rods predominate in this small mid-19th Century scrambled which, like so many Venetian paperweights of the period, has a slightly uneven surface. There are also some yellow filigree rods and white & aquamarine twists - plus copper aventurine inclusions.The profile is flatter than usual..
Scrambled with Aventurine
Reference: VEN 03019
A medium-size scrambled in which the unknown maker has liberally scattered copper aventurine, which gives the weight a sparkling effect. The weight is unusual in that it is mainly filled with white latticinio, interwoven with a few short sections of tightly-twisted red, blue & aquamarine ribbons. A ..
Ruby/White Ribbons
Reference: VEN 03017
A small mid-19th Century scrambled filled with ruby & white twisted ribbons plus a couple of 3-colour ribbons (blue/ruby/white) The weight also contains lengths of spiraling pink/white and blue/white filigree, white latticinio and copper aventurine inclusions. Strangely enough there are no greens or..
Corkscrew Twists
Reference: VEN 03024
A small scrambled filled with 2-coloured corkscrew twists: ruby/white, aquamarine/white & dark-blue/white - amongst sections of white latticinio, pink filigree and copper aventurine inclusions.Like many mid-19th Century Venetian paperweights, the surface is somewhat uneven. The weight has a flattis..
19th Century Scrambled
Reference: VEN 01553
A scrambled weight filled with lengths of yellow, pale-blue and pink filigree rods, strips of white latticinio cable, red-and-white corkscrew ribbons and copper-coloured aventurine inclusions. As so often with these early Venetian weights, the surface is very slightly uneven with a couple of imperfe..
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