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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of William Manson Snr. 

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Stingray Ed. 35 (2002)
Reference: MAN 03267
A stingray - propelled by his long whiplash tail - glides silently above the sea bed; the large eyes on top of his body searching for prey. The flattened blue body - with its distinctive markings on the upperside - is enhanced with blue aventurine. Growing on the seabed are two red aquatic plants.Si..
Butterflies & Roses 1/1 (2001)
Reference: MAN 02075
A magnum one-of-a-kind weight with 3 butterflies above a stem bearing 2 salmon roses in full bloom, dark-green leaves and - somewhat incongruously - a white & yellow narcissus. The 3 insects have different coloured wings - glittering pink, blue and copper aventurine - with yellow eye-spots and yell..
Iridescent Butterfly Ed. 25 (2001)
Reference: MAN 02337
An upright weight, with a polished front facet revealing a beautiful butterfly set within a garland of 6 large pink and blue flowers backed by green leaves. The insect’s body seems to fade into the translucent dark-green background (appears black!) whereas the iridescent green wings - outlined by sm..
Aventurine Fish Ed. 25 (2001)
Reference: MAN 03983
A mid-size underwater scene: a green aventurine fish - its body marked on both sides by a row of yellow spots - glides silently over shells embedded in the sandy ocean floor. Near the centre of the sandy floor is a blue/white WM signature cane. The flat, polished base is scratch-signed and dated: Wi..
White Flowers with Ruby Flash
Reference: MAN 03615
Borne on a branched brown stem are 2 lampwork multi-layered white blossoms together with a white bud and numerous small ribbed green leaves. A ruby flash overlay around the bottom of the weight extends into the base, which is cut with a 32-point starburst. The weight is intricately faceted with a pi..
Peace Lilies Ed. 150 (2000)
Reference: MAN 04134
This lampwork design - 2 white/yellow peace lilies within an emerald-green flash overlay - was commissioned by the CPC to commemorate the millennium.  Peace lilies are not actually lilies at all but produce flowers resembling those of the calla lily.  The weight has a concave top window, 8 large sid..
Ruby Flash Overlay (2000 ?)
Reference: MAN 03402
4 differently-coloured exotic blooms are borne on a branched brown stem together with pale-green leaves. A ladybird is clinging to the leaves on the underside of the branch. The weight has a large concave top facet, through which the lower rows of side facets are visible. The intricate faceting in t..
Elizabeth of Glamis Ed. 100 (2000)
Reference: MAN 03614
At the lower end of a stem bearing numerous veined green leaves and 2 buds about to open is a single salmon rose in full bloom . The “Elizabeth of Glamis” rose was named after HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, whose ancestral family seat was Glamis castle. This weight commemorated her 100th birt..
Butterfly Column  Ed. 10 (2000)
Reference: MAN 00810
A magnum cylindrical weight with layers of lampwork flowers and leaves and brightly-coloured butterflies. The fine faceting enhances the overall impression of an exotic “lepidoptarium”.Script-signed, numbered and dated: William Manson Snr. 2/10 2000  (includes original certificate)  ..
Tiger Salamander 1/1 (2000)
Reference: MAN 00813
Magnum lampwork weight depicting a desert landscape with sparse vegetation. The sandy ground is sprinkled with green glass chippings and copper aventurine. A tiger salamander - with yellow markings & long curling tail - is eyeing his prey... an unsuspecting ladybird contentedly sitting on a whit..
Lady's Slipper Orchid Ed. 15 (1999)
Reference: MAN 02077
The intricate cutting on the blue flash overlay of this magnum weight reveals 2 pale-pink lady’s slipper orchids, a ladybird perched at the end of the fern-like leaves and a beautifully coloured butterfly. The tips of its outstretched wings have black & white blotches, while the wings themselves..
Strawberries Ed. 15 (1999)
Reference: MAN 02256
Borne on a branched brown stem are 2 ripe strawberries and 2 white blossoms along with a number of small ribbed green leaves. The single blue overlay has beaded facets around the concave top window. The sides are cut with a row of 6 large facets and a second row of 6 smaller facets and 6 flutes. The..
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