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Lundberg Studios

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work produced by this well-known West Coast studio.

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Pink Opium Poppies (2011)
Reference: LUN 03037
The clear glass is set with 2 shaded-pink opium poppies - only one of which is fully open. The diaphanous, ribbed petals - set around a yellow & green stamen - have maroon “eyes”. The compound design is completed by a small bud pale-green stalks and 3 serrated dark-green leaves.Signed with a D.S. m..
Orange Poppies on Green (2011)
Reference: LUN 01970
A compound weight with 2 pale-orange opium poppies -one half open, the other in full bloom - a bud, stems and dark-green leaves set above a green ground. The deep-maroon “eyes” at the centre of the ribbed, shell-like petals encircle red filament anthers around a green stamen.Signed with a D.S. monog..
Opium Poppies on Blue (2011)
Reference: LUN 01971
Encased in a clear dome are 2 white opium poppies. Their beautifully frilled, papery white petals have blue throats and yellowish/green stamen. The 2 flowers are combined in this compound weight with a tightly-closed bud, dark-green dissected foliage and gracefully curving, pale-green stems over a t..
Pink Batchelor’s Button (2008)
Reference: LUN 03787
The frilly flower of a batchelor’s button, a double thistle-like bloom. The blossom is depicted here in graduated shades of pink, together with a half-opened bud and tightly-closed green bud, stems and narrow, pointed leaves over a clear ground.The weight is finished with honeycomb side facets and a..
Cornflower & Buds (2008)
Reference: LUN 01335
A cornflower in full bloom, a half-opened bud and a tightly-closed green bud, together with stems and narrow, pointed leaves over a clear ground. The flower is sometimes known as “Bachelor’s Button” due to its button-like head, beautifully depicted here in graduated shades of blue. Signed and dated ..
Sunflower (2008)
Reference: LUN 01336
The clear dome contains a single sunflower with a large millefiori central disk - composed of variously-sized star canes - surrounded by numerous short, bright-yellow rays, with faint orange stripes. The flower is borne on a stem along with 3 serrated green leaves.Monogrammed D.S. on the underside o..
Tulip Magnolia (2008)
Reference: LUN 01273
The clear glass is set with 3 large tulip magnolia blooms in the palest shade of pink - with small green stamen and yellow anthers – growing on gnarled, brownish-green branches together with 6 buds enclosed in pale-green sepals.Signed and dated above the basal rim of the polished, concave base: Dani..
Monet’s Garden (2008)
Reference: LUN 01270
A complex, 4-layer compound weight depicting the artist’s interpretation of Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny and - in its use of colour - his famous series of “ Waterlily” paintings. Floating on the surface of the “water” are pink & green Clichy-style roses (the waterlilies) with green lily pads. Ov..
White Gardenias (2008)
Reference: LUN 01274
A medium-size weight depicting 3 beautifully-sculpted white gardenias over pale-green leaves above a graduated pink ground. Daniel Salazar named this design “God Bless the Child”, in memory of the jazz singer Billie Holiday, who always appeared on stage wearing gardenias.  Monogrammed D.S. on the un..
Queen's Basket (2008)
Reference: LUN 01272
A delightful nosegay arranged around a large, yellow rose and including forget-me-nots, pansies, hydrangeas, a small red tea-rose and translucent pale-pink dogwood blossoms. Monogrammed D.S. on the underside of the foliage and signed and dated above the basal rim of the polished, concave base...
Wild Sundrops (2007)
Reference: LUN 01275
A cluster of bright-yellow wild sundrops - a member of the Evening Primrose family. The 4-petalled flowers, with their pale-green & orange stamen, are set against green leaves and brown stems over clear ground. The weight is finished with a circular top window, 5 side facets with 5 vertical flutes b..
Moth Orchids (2007)
Reference: LUN 00945
A naturalistic depiction from Daniel Salazar, which captures the simple beauty of moth orchids. A gracefully curving stem rises out of a cluster of pale-green leaves bearing a number of white & pink moth orchids in full bloom with one about to open. The root system sprawls across the opaque black gr..
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