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McDougall, Peter

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows the range of work produced by this popular Scottish glass artist.

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Magnum Lemon Twists
Reference: PMC 03629
7 star canes set in a pale-blue ground encircle a large 8-point star cane in the centre followed by 3 further rings of complex cruciform, star and cog canes. Alternating with the corrugated blue, white & pink millefiori canes in the second row are short lemon, white & green latticinio twists. The de..
Blue Spoke Pattern 1/1
Reference: PMC 03628
Radiating out from a large blue & white complex millefiori cane over a cobalt-blue ground are 10 blue & white spokes separated by 10 complex pink, white & yellow millefiori star canes. The design is completed by a ring of alternating complex millefiori canes in lemon, red, burnt orange & white and a..
Magnum Closepack with Border
Reference: PMC 03627
A magnum weight with approx. 50 closely-packed simple and complex millefiori canes - set over clear - and bordered by a ring of multi-coloured canes, partially drawn underneath the cane canopy to form a basket.A PMcD signature cane is placed just inside the basket at 4 o’clock in the first picture. ..
Mushroom in Double Overlay - 2017
Reference: PMC 03888
A dark-blue-on-white double overlay is cut with a large top window and 6 large & 6 smaller side facets to reveal a mushroom. The tuft is composed of ca. 27 mainly complex millefiori canes enclosed in a pale-pink & cobalt-blue stave basket, which tapers to a clear base.Signed with a PMCD cane within ..
Magnum 4 Colour Barberpole - 2017
Reference: PMC 03887
A magnum chequer design in the style of antique Clichy barberpole weights. Short lengths of red/white, yellow/white, blue/white & green/white filigree twists separate 2 rows of colourful complex millefiori canes surrounding a large feature cane - consisting of approx 50 individual elements. The desi..
Millefiori & Spokes 1/1 (2015)
Reference: PMC 03503
An unusual pattern with 2 rings of complex millefiori canes (in a wide range of colours) alternating with yellow/white filigree spokes. Centering the design are another 7 of Peter’s composite canes. The design is set on a pale-pink muslin cushion.A PMcD signature cane is embedded in the centre of th..
Goldstone Flower (2015)
Reference: PMC 03506
The lampwork in this striking design on an opaque textured red ground is by Peter’s son Allan. Goldstone (aventurine) stems and the sepals of the flower and bud are combined with 4 deep-purple petals set around a white complex millefiori cane “stamen”.Signed with a PMcD cane at the base of the stem...
Clematis (Mid-year 2011)
Reference: PMC 02187
Design No. 9 from Peter's 2011 Mid-year Collection. At the centre is a beautiful lampwork clematis set on a mottled, translucent deep orange/red colour ground, encircled by a two garlands of alternating complex millefiori canes. The flower - with its 10 white-edged, deeply-cupped shaded lilac petals..
Tudor Roses & Buds (Mid-year 2011)
Reference: PMC 04161
This design was No. 7 in the mid-year 2011 Collection.  Curving around a central pink rose is a vine bearing 2 further roses, numerous pink buds and green leaves.  All three open flowers are centred by a complex millefiori cane.  The design is set on white upset muslin. A PMcD 11 signature/date cane..
Millefiori & Half-Spokes (Mid-year 2011)
Reference: PMC 01985
From the Mid-year Collection 2011 this is Design No. 15. Framing a centre cane with 18 individual elements are 2 rows of complex millefiori canes separated by 12 orange-centred latticinio half-spokes with a large and a small cane set between them. The blood-orange tonality results from the combinati..
Green Concentric (Mid-year 2011)
Reference: PMC 01983
Design No. 14 from the Mid-year Collection 2011. 4-rows of complex millefiori canes in various shades of green - pale-green, eau-de-nil and emerald-green - combined with lemon, pale & dark-blue, pink & purple. Striking colour combinations, beautiful, complex canes, meticulously set up on an opaq..
4-row Concentric (Mid-year 2011)
Reference: PMC 01984
Design No. 13 from the Mid-year 2011 Collection - a striking colour combined with meticulously-set complex canes: 4 concentric rings over a translucent cranberry ground. The complex millefiori canes contain orange and amber elements. It’s the combination with the other colours - magenta, white, oliv..
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