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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the paperweights produced by this 19th Century glassworks.

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Spaced Concentric on Spiral Filigree
Reference: NEG 03665
Despite the off-centre white/blue cane and the slightly deformed first row of blue/white canes, this is a good example of a New England open concentric with the centre cane encircled by 3 rows of composite millefiori canes over a spiral filigree cushion. There are a couple of rogue canes in both the..
Reference: NEG 03104
A number of whole complex canes, sawtooth cogs in collars, red heart silhouettes (?), partial canes plus a couple of twists...and a few empty spaces! The main colours are dark-green, various shades of pink, a hint of pale-yellow, blue, a fair amount of white.The polished base has a narrow basal rim ..
Running Rabbit Scrambled
Reference: NEG 01830
A good scrambled over a clear centre with whole canes and numerous partial canes in shades of blue, red, chocolate brown, green & lemon - with a blue running rabbit silhouette concealed in one of them - and interspersed with pink/white and blue/white spiralling ribbons and latticinio threads.Broad b..
Scrambled (Rabbit Silhouettes)
Reference: NEG 01376
Adding colour to the sections of fine white latticinio rods are a number of whole canes in pink, green and dark-green, lavender and pale blue plus red-and-white twists and splashes of yellow, cobalt blue, ruby and aquamarine. The large air bubble in the centre is well camouflaged by the surrounding ..
Reference: NEG 00596
Whole canes, partial canes, a few colourful twists and - as so often in these New England scrambled weights - quite a few empty spaces!The polished base has a narrow basal rim and a deep concavity.  ..
Fine Scrambled with Silhouettes
Reference: NEG 00130
A closely-packed, mid-size scrambled with numerous whole canes, a good variety of partial canes, pink-and-white candy stripes, fine muslin and just for good measurement... 3 white and 3 blue running rabbit silhouettes... all set on a red-and-white jasper ground, which was rarely used in NEGC weights..
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