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Terms & Conditions

Buying from weights-n-things is straightforward and involves no risk.
Please read the following conditions:

1. Should you find one or more items that you wish to purchase, use the "Add to Cart" facility, or note down the reference number and contact me either by phone or email.
The Currency Converter (top right) converts prices from Pounds Sterling to Euros or US $. This is only a guide - you might be charged slightly more or slightly less, depending on the rate of exchange at the time you actually complete the transaction.

2. After payment has been received, your order will be shipped. The Royal Mail prices calculated on the website include Tracking and/or Signed-for services.
Shipping for UK residents is with Royal Mail.
Residents of other countries can choose either Royal Mail or UPS. Please contact me if you prefer a different carrier.

Orders are shipped as uninsured parcels.
If you require insurance cover, please contact me as weights-n-things cannot be held responsible for uninsured postal losses.
Loss compensation on an uninsured parcel is up to ₤50 in the case of both Royal Mail and UPS.
Insurance coverage for damage to glass items is not available.

The calculated shipping costs are based on the weight of the items (incl. packaging) and the address to which they are to be sent, plus a small charge for packaging materials.
With UPS, costs within a country can vary depending upon the delivery zip code;
I reserve the right to contact you should there be additional shipping costs to your particular Zip Code.

Please Note: The most reasonable shipping costs do not necessarily reflect the optimum shipping method !
Based on experience, crystal weights shipped with Royal Mail will often be deemed “DO NOT FLY”, resulting in them being sent surface mail involving long delivery times.
Another carrier may be slightly more expensive but preferable in terms of delivery times !

3. Items on the website can be Reserved for a maximum of 10 days. By reserving a particular paperweight you are not committing yourself to a binding contract. Please contact me if you wish to reserve an item and inform me within the 10 day period whether you wish to buy the reserved item or not.

4. All statements made on the website pages with reference to condition, attribution, etc. are correct to the best of my knowledge; sizes are approximate. If a correct attribution is not 100% possible, this fact will be made quite clear.

5. In the case of antique & vintage paperweights and other pre-owned items, there might be minor, age-related imperfections, such as bubbles in the glass or scratches on the base or wear ring. Minor imperfections or blemishes on the surface will only be specifically mentioned in cases where they possibly spoil the appearance of the article.

6. If an article has been grossly misrepresented in my description - or it is not in the condition described in the text - you have 2 weeks to return it or to exchange it. You pay the cost of the return shipment; the price of the weight will be refunded.

These conditions apply to all national and international sales.
September 2020