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Richardson, Colin

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of this young, new generation artist.

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Blue Flowers & Thistles 1/1 (2015)
Reference: CRI 03531
The clear glass is set with a gently arching branch bearing pale-blue flowers with upright pink stamen and 4 pink thistles. The arrangement is completed by greenish-brown, veined leaves with jagged edges.The weight is scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the waist: Colin Richardson, 2015 1/1. S..
Queen Butterfly (Miniature) 1/1 (2010)
Reference: CRI 01633
A delightful miniature design: a queen butterfly - a reddish-brown, white-spotted insect closely related to the Monarch butterfly - flutters towards 3 shaded-mauve blossoms and a cluster of tiny yellow and orange wild flowers set against a background of dark-green foliage over a clear ground. Scratc..
Wildflower Fantasy 1/1 (2009)
Reference: CRI 03010
Growing from trailing roots over a clear ground is a crescent-shaped floral arrangement composed of purple and carmine wild flowers - with upright orange pistils - set around a red-and-orange Black-eyed Susan accompanied by buds and long, curling variegated leaves.Signed and dated on the side: Colin..
Pond Flora 1/1 (2009)
Reference: CRI 01524
The clear glass set with an arrangement depicting the flora at the edge of a pond: pink waterlily buds and dark-green lily pads, creamy-coloured marsh flowers with long orange pistils intertwined with various grasses and the stems of 3 tall bull-rushes with brown flowering spikes.The weight has a fl..
Study in Autumn 1/1 (2009)
Reference: CRI 01522
The autumn sunshine lends a warm glow to a beautiful floral arrangement of topaz-coloured star lilies and buds, red phlox and red/orange bellflowers, ribbed green leaves and a trailing root system... all set over a clear ground. Signed and dated around the weight. Flat, polished base. (Signed certi..
Roses & Peonies 1/1 (2009)
Reference: CRI 01525
A crescent-shaped floral arrangement - with scarlet and pink desert roses intertwined with bright-yellow tree peonies, pale-pink bellflowers and a couple of buds set amongst dark-green, veined foliage over a clear ground.The weight has a flat, polished base and is signed and dated on the side.  ..
Plum & Pussywillow 1/1 (2009)
Reference: CRI 01523
Set over a clear ground, this delightful design has a feeling of spring awakening: deep-pink ornamental plum blossoms paired with pussywillow branches on which silky, grey catkins are beginning to emerge. Signed and dated around the side of the weight: Colin Richardson 2009 Ed 1/1. Flat, polished ba..
Raspberry Bouquet 1/1 (2008)
Reference: CRI 01342
A new work from Colin: the clear glass enclosing 3 raspberries set at the lower end of a crescent-shaped arrangement of purple, red & orange, pale & mid-blue wild flowers and long, lanceolate mottled leaves... with the root system trailing through granite cobbles.Polished, flat base. Signed, dated a..
Midsummer Beauty 1/1 (2008)
Reference: CRI 01341
A delightful nature study, in a one-off design; orange phlox stand out in marked contrast to the 2 hebe panicles in soft pink, peach and mauve hues. Long, narrow veined green leaves complete the design over a clear ground. The flat base is polished and the weight is scratch-signed, dated and numbere..
Bramble Bouquet 1/1 (2008)
Reference: CRI 01410
Pink berries, white, orange and scarlet phlox, orange buds and small green leaves - borne on intertwined brown stems arranged in a crescent-shaped design over a clear ground - present a colourful picture of nature’s bounty.Scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the side of the weight: Colin Richa..
Floral Crescent (2008)
Reference: CRI 01269
Arranged in the shape of a victor’s wreath is a crescent of flowers in subdued shades of pale-pink, lavender, deep-mauve and peach accentuated by a splash of scarlet. Variegated foliage and tendrils complete the arrangement.Signed and dated around the middle of the weight: Colin Richardson 2008 01-0..
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