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Ayotte, Rick

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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of this well-known lampwork artist.

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Reference: RAY 04138
The clear glass set with a hummingbird - with a red throat and distinctive green & black plummage - hovering in front of orange blossoms.Signed above the polished, concave base: Ayotte M8 ‘84..
Innocence - Ed. 25 (2005)
Reference: RAY 01496
A beautiful arrangement of multi-layered white & pale-green chrysanthemums, cala lilies and irises - accentuated by the spring green of newly-emerging leaves - mixed with variegated darker-green foliage over an opaque white colour ground.Signed and dated on the side of the weight above the white gro..
Miniature Blush Rose (2004)
Reference: RAY 00239
A great example of the exquisite lampwork this artist creates: a magnificent, blush-coloured rose surrounded by 4 variegated green leaves and set in a perfect crystal dome. Signed and dated: Rick Ayotte 2004. Polished, concave base.     (According to the artist, this is the only ..
Lavender Rose Bouquet - Ed 25 (2004)
Reference: RAY K267
A bouquet composed of 2 full lavender roses, a smaller lavender rose and a large white rose, white and lavender buds, sprays of gypsophila (baby’s breath) and pale- & dark-green leaves over a clear ground. Signed above the base: Rick Ayotte LE/25 2004. Narrow basal rim and polished, concave base..
“Joy” Bouquet - Ed. 25 (2003)
Reference: RAY 02016
A magnum-size bouquet set over clear ground. 2 flamingo-pink & white gerbera are accompanied by 2 large and 1 slightly smaller yellow day lilies. Filling out the bouquet are blue forget-me-nots, mauve & white phlox and small pink carnations - all arranged over variegated foliage.Signed and ..
Asters & Blueberries - Ed. 35 (2001)
Reference: RAY X105
A beautifully-faceted magnum weight. It features pale-blue, white & pink asters arranged amongst a harvest of blueberries - some fully ripe, others in the process of ripening. The tips of a couple of green & yellow leaves complete the design over clear ground.Script-signed, numbered and date..
Goldfinch Miniature - Ed. 10 (2001)
Reference: RAY 00822
The clear glass set with a Goldfinch - with distinctive yellow and black plumage - resting between two pink thistles and prickly leaves.Signed and dated above the polished, concave base: Ayotte M-82 2001.  ..
Sunflower Bouquet - A.P. (2001)
Reference: RAY 00005
A colourful bouquet featuring 2 large sunflowers - with a double rows of yellow rays around a brownish central disk - 3 orange roses, numerous multi-coloured freesias and brown and green leaves. Signed and dated on the side: Rick Ayotte 2001 Artist Proof #1. Polished, concave base.  ..
Baltimore Oriole - Miniature (1999)
Reference: RAY 00821
A Baltimore Oriole - with his colourful orange plumage - is sitting on a branch with 2 peach blossoms and variegated leaves over a clear ground. Signed and dated above the polished, concave base: Ayotte M-71 ‘99.  ..
White Camellias - Ed. 25 (1999)
Reference: RAY X028
2 large and 2 smaller white camellias - tinged with pink - arranged with forget-me-nots and green foliage on clear ground.Signed and dated on the side: Rick Ayotte LE/25 ‘99. Polished, concave base.  ..
Pink Rose Bouquet - Ed. 35 (1998)
Reference: RAY 02266
The clear crystal encloses 2 large bi-coloured roses - pale-pink outer petals, pale-yellow inner petals - together with 2 smaller roses about to unfurl. The blooms are set against a mixed arrangement of lily-of-the-valley, gypsophila and dark-green stems and foliage.Script-signed above the basal rim..
Scarlet Macaw - Ed. 25 (1997)
Reference: RAY 03274
A rainbow-coloured magnum compound weight depicting a scarlet, yellow & blue macaw - one of the most colourful of birds and native to the forests of South America. The bird is perched amongst exotic tropical foliage. The design is set over clear.Signed, numbered & dated: Rick Ayotte Ed 11/25 ‘97. (T..
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