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Perthshire PP Range

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

These are examples of the PP Range produced between 1969 - 2001 by this well-known Scottish factory.

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PP 240  Ed. 75 (Mid-Year 2001)
Reference: PPS 01391
The last Perthshire PP lampwork design - introduced in the 2001 Mid-year Collection. The barrel-shaped weight encloses a bouquet composed of 3 blue flowers in full bloom with another 2 about to open... set against a background of pale-green leaves over a clear base with an unusual strawberry/star-cu..
PP239 Ed. 75 (2001)
Reference: PPS 01390
Issued in mid 2001, this is one of the last lampwork PP designs. The unusually-shaped weight encloses a 3-dimensional, pale-blue blossom on a bed of green leaves with pink & blue buds surrounding it, over a black ground. The edge of the top facet is beaded, which is repeated around the waist. Below ..
PP231 Ed. 175 (2001)
Reference: PPS 04119
A large weight set with red-centred lace twists around a 2-ring cluster of complex millefiori canes - in shades of pink, blue & green - on a translucent green ground. A P2001 signature/date cane is set in the polished, concave base next to the original factory sticker...
PP227 Ed. 200 (2001)
Reference: PPS 02595
A medium-size millefiori weight with complex canes between 7 short twists radiating out from the centre cane cluster. The border garland is composed of 2 rows of alternating canes - green/pink & blue in the first row, white & yellow in the outer row. The design is set over a translucent, mottled blo..
PP221 Ed. 100 (2000)
Reference: PPS 03703
A small lampwork weight enclosing a floral arrangement with 3 yellow-centred, amethyst flowers, 3 buds and dark-green leaves set on a clear background. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 oval side facets.Faintly scratch-signed and numbered P80 on the frosted wear ring around the ..
PP216 Ed. 200 (2000)
Reference: PPS 03702
A large weight with complex millefiori canes and twists forming a cross on a translucent green ground. Cane colours in the main part of the design include various shades of green, cobalt-blue, pink, pale-lavender & mustard-yellow. The twist are blue & white. Pink, green & yellow feature in the compo..
PP209 Ed. 75 (1999)
Reference: PPS 02163
PP209 is from the 1999 mid-year collection and was a limited edition of just 75. It features a 3-dimensional white flower with a green, white & brown millefiori centre within a garland of 6 similar flowers separated by green teardrop leaves. The design is set on a semi-translucent dark-blue colour g..
PP207 Ed. 150 (1999)
Reference: PPS 03701
A medium-size weight with a design incorporating parallel white latticinio rods and complex millefiori canes. Set in the centre are 7 green/white florets and 2 slightly smaller blue/white florets. Encircling the design, which is arranged over a mottled, translucent ruby ground, is a garland of yello..
PP205 Ed. 200 (1999)
Reference: PPS 01188
The majority of the limited edition PP weights were millefiori designs - this one also includes lampwork. 3 flowers - in pale-blue, puce and russet - red berries and leaves are set on a translucent, mottled green ground. The design is encircled by a double border garland of pale-yellow & cobalt-blue..
PP199 - General Range (1999)
Reference: PPS 01076
A design that was only issued for one year in 1999.This was most likely a prototype before the design went into production as it has a centre bubble and 2 further rows of controlled bubbles in the dome, which don’t appear in the later unlimited design. 20 blue & white twists radiate out from a large..
PP196 Ed. 250 (1998)
Reference: PPS 03700
A millefiori & lampwork design on a translucent green ground. Two rows of small pink/white & blue/white complex millefiori canes form a five-point star around a mauve five-petalled flower with a bright-yellow stamen. Five lemon/white complex canes are set between the points of the star. The weight i..
PP194 Ed. 250 (1998)
Reference: PPS K364
A large patterned weight with millefiori canes and filigree twists encircling a yellow lampwork flower set over a ruby colour ground.  Signed with a P1998 cane in the polished, concave base. Perthshire label.  (Includes original box)..
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