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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the mainly millefiori work produced by this popular, now defunct studio.

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Millefiori Heart (1987)
Reference: PAR 04384
A heart-shaped motif composed of pink, mauve, lavender and white millefiori canes - including 2 pink/green rose canes - set on a bed of white upset muslin within a garland of pink millefiori canes.Signed with a PB1987 cane.  Polished, concave base with a narrow wear ring...
Concentric with Torsade (1987)
Reference: PAR 03288
Encircling a central silhouette of a bird in flight are 4 rows of complex millefiori canes in shades of yellow, lavender, green/white & pink. Encircling the design is a white tube torsade with fine pink & white filigree threads spiralling around it. Set over clear ground.A PB1987 signature/date cane..
3-row Concentric (Ed. 15)
Reference: PAR 03310
Parabelle was the brainchild of Gary Scrutton. His daughter, Julie Scrutton Lewis, worked with him at Parabelle and eventually made weights under her own name, using Parabelle canes and the Parabelle studio. The central blue primrose in this blue, white & red millefiori design on upset muslin is enc..
Closepack- 3 Roses (1989)
Reference: PAR 02161
A medium-size weight closely packed with approx 130 millefiori canes around a centre silhouette: a white bird on a blue ground. Canes include 1 white & 2 pink roses, pansies, a white cross, shamrocks, hearts and various bell-canes in different colours. The colour ground is translucent cobalt-blue gr..
Closepack in Basket (1986)
Reference: PAR 02249
Typical Parabelle canes including 2 silhouettes - a red squirrel on white & a white rabbit on blue - 2 white roses, 2 orange pansies, bell canes, stars plus heart canes in various colours. The loosely-packed, colourful canopy of millefiori canes is enclosed in a basket of alternating blue & white fl..
Artist Proof (1989)
Reference: PAR 02248
Enclosed in a white & plum coloured basket are 5 pink roses, 4 white roses and 5 lemon pansies amongst a closely-packed canopy of florets, stars, bell and heart-shaped millefiori canes over a translucent sapphire-blue ground. The white & plum ribbon-twist handle is joined to the basket with pink & w..
Rose Garden (1998)
Reference: PAR 01050
Encircling a large central pink/green rose are 11 lavender roses and 6 yellow roses within a double border garland. The inner garland is composed of yellow & pink pansies alternating with pairs of green & white cog canes. In the outer garland pink & white cogs are set between 14 lavender/green roses..
Garlanded Posy (1990)
Reference: PAR 00395
A nosegay - composed of 3 white Clichy-style roses with pale-green sepals, 3 complex white & burgundy bell canes and foliage sprinkled with green aventurine - is lying on a bed of short lengths of upset muslin. The garland consists of alternating complex coral-pink and green aventurine canes.A pale-..
Splayed Closepack (1985)
Reference: PAR 01654
A splayed arrangement of simple and complex millefiori canes in a wide range of pastel and stronger colours. Canes include 2 orange & 2 yellow pansies, 4 white/green shamrocks, white/pale-blue spade & club canes and white/red diamond & heart canes. There is one silhouette cane: a reddish-brown squir..
Moss Ground- Ed. 25 (1992)
Reference: PAR 00393
A central pink & green rose is surrounded by a ring of 7 concentric white tubes and 12 alternating pink & white and white & green roses. Spaced around the perimeter are 8 circlets of canes in pink, turquoise, cherry-red, green, violet and cobalt-blue with white stardust centres. The whole arrangemen..
Roses & Pansies (1987)
Reference: PAR 01048
4 white roses and 3 yellow pansies are set within 7 circlets of blue & green millefiori canes on a white upset muslin ground.A PB1987 signature/date cane is incorporated within one of the circlets. The polished concave base bears an original Parabelle paper sticker.  ..
6-row Concentric (1988)
Reference: PAR 00394
Encircling a topaz pansy cane are 4 rows of bundled deep-blue & white canes with fine yellow rods at the centre. The “carpet ground” effect is broken by the 5th row of canes which features pansies alternating with blue & white canes. The same cane forms a border garland around the weight. Set over c..
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