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Parabelle Glass was set up by Gary Scrutton and his wife Doris in Portland, Oregon in 1981. They produced their first paperweights in 1983 and concentrated on making millefiori weights in small limited editions. One of the studio’s “trademarks” was a pansy cane; another was a Clichy-style rose in various colours. Weights made prior to 1995 have a PB signature cane incorporating the date. Later pieces - and Artist’s Proofs - are scratch-signed and dated. After 15 years at the forefront of paperweight making, Parabelle Glass ceased trading in 1998.

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Reference: PAR 04383
The clear glass is set with 4 concentric rings of pale-blue, heart-shaped millefiori canes and cobalt-blue bulls eye canes, encircled by a blue & white filigree torsade.Incorporated within the design is a PB1983 signature/date cane.  Polished, concave base with a narrow wear ring...
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