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Perthshire PP Range

Thanks to the high standard of craftsmanship at Perthshire Paperweights (1968-2002) in Crieff, Scotland, the company quickly gained a reputation for quality. In addition to its Annual Collection, the factory also issued its PP Range - mainly millefiori designs - numbered from PP 1 to PP 249. The majority were limited editions; others - such as PP 1 and PP 2 - were part of the  unlimited General Range and many were made for a number of years. Whereas most limited editions have a “P” signature/date cane or a scratched “P”, early General Range weights are unsigned. Financial constraints forced the factory to close in early 2002.

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Reference: PPS 04426
A large millefiori design on an opaque black ground. 11 white twists radiate out from 2 concentric rings of complex blue & green canes; set between the twists are complex lilac, ochre & pink canes.   Set in the concave, polished base is a P 2001 signature/date cane. The base is scr..
Reference: PPS 04425
Made before the introduction of picture canes this early PP 11 design has 11 millefiori canes of varying sizes set over a white lace ground. Colours of the complex canes range from cobalt-blue & magenta to turquoise, orange, green & pale-yellow. Signed P 1969 near the centre of the design. F..
Reference: PPS 04359
PP59 - introduced in 1983 - has the same pattern as PP2 but is finished with a top facet.  Set on an opaque mid-blue colour ground, crisp canes - in shades of pink, green, amber and blue - are separated by twisted white/yellow threads into 10 panels around a centre cane encircled by 2 rows of c..
Reference: PPS 04269
One of the various patterns used for the medium-sized PP5 - set here on a mottled translucent blue ground.  8 twists extend from the centre to the border garland of lemon/white cog canes. Other colours include pink, green & orange.The paperweight is signed with a “P” cane in the border garl..
Reference: PPS 04361
A small PP 3: 4 concentric rows of millefiori canes on a teal ground.  Pale-pink, pale-green & orange cog canes make up the 3 outer rows with complex millefiori canes around the centre. Signed with a centre “P” cane.  Hollow ground base...
Reference: PPS 04178A
Introduced in 1983, PP59 has the same pattern as PP2 but rather than it domed top it has a facet.  This 11-spoke example over a semi-translucent mid-blue colour ground features cog canes in pale shades of pink, yellow, blue & grey encircling a bright-red cog in the centre, signed with a “P”. Polishe..
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