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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of modern designs from this famous glasshouse.

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2002 Miniature Snow Flowers (Ed. 75)
Reference: MBA 04178
This design - part of the “Blossom Collection” - is from the final year of paperweight production at Baccarat and is one of only 3 miniature limited edition weights ever made by the company.  Above a clear ground with a pale-blue flash around the lower part of the dome, 14 white & pale-blue millefio..
2000 Butterfly Closepack (Ed. 100)
Reference: MBA 01664
A closepack design with 7 butterfly silhouettes (3 blue, 2 red & 2 green) scattered throughout the millefiori canes, which are predominantly in shades of blue with just a hint of other colours, such as mauve and pale-orange. The outer row of multi-coloured canes is pulled to the centre of the base t..
1999 Chatou (Ed. 100)
Reference: MBA K222
From the 1999 Collection “Gardens of the World” - a series which included lampwork and millefiori and was inspired by the diaries of a plant enthusiast - this is “Chatou”, the Island of the Impressionists. The large lampwork weight in 2 layers, has a delightful “naive” look to it rather than an impr..
1998 Magnum Zodiac Closepack
Reference: MBA K059
A great assortment of typical Baccarat millefiori canes - in colours covering virtually the whole spectrum from pastel shades to dark blues, strong reds and violet - in this magnum closepack incorporating the 12 signs of the Zodiac - No. 2 in the series. Neatly finished, as always, with the outer ro..
1996 Millefiori on Rose 1/1
Reference: MBA 03765
A stunning one-off design similar to the Helios and Ouranos patterned millefiori editions issued in 1996. Complex millefiori canes in shades of amber/white/pink are set in a radiating spoke pattern over a translucent rose ground underlaid with opaque white. The panels are filled with blue/green, gre..
1995 Rose & Millefiori - Blue (Ed. 100)
Reference: MBA 00604
A beautiful magnum weight featuring a 3-dimensional shaded-pink & white rose floating above an opaque pale-blue ground framed by a 3-row garland of complex millefiori canes in subtle, pastel shades - aqua, pale green, blue & mauve. Incorporated in the outer row is a B1995 signature/date cane.Acid-et..
1994 Magnolia (Ed. 100)
Reference: MBA 03221
The 1994 limited editions were all floral designs - and included this large magnolia blossom. The outer pink-striped white petals are fully open, the others are tightly clustered around the pink/white stamen. Completing the design - over an opaque blue ground underlaid with milky white - are a bud, ..
1993 Vitrail Bleu Translucide (Ed. 150)
Reference: MBA 03764
A sapphire-blue lined white tube is set in the centre of a deep-purple ground (although it appears black !). Similar tubes of differing sizes are arranged around it in spaced rings or interlocking arcs - depending on how you look at it. The effect of light shining through the tubes creates a mesmeri..
1993 Rose Window (Ed. 150)
Reference: MBA 01826
A decorative motif with millefiori canes arranged to resemble a rose window. The centre canes - in shades of red, yellow, pistachio, white & blue - are relatively simple whereas more complex canes - in blue, grey, green , pink & orange - form the 4 outer rows. The canes in the spaced perimeter garla..
1993 Mid-size Spaced Concentric
Reference: MBA 03285
A mid-size 5-row concentric with typical Baccarat millefiori canes - in shades of pale & dark-green, red, blue & white - arranged over a translucent cobalt-blue ground.Set in the outer row is a B1993 signature/date cane. The flat, polished base bears the Baccarat insignia but neither a year nor edit..
1993 Lattice-winged Butterfly (Ed. 150)
Reference: MBA 01402
After the success of its first “Exotic Butterfly” series, Baccarat issued a second one 15 years later in a limited edition of 150. A black-bodied insect with lattice wings outlined in white and filled with delicate shades of pale-lilac and lemon, accentuated by deep-pink, is in flight over an opaque..
1993 Flowers on Snowy Ground (Ed. 150)
Reference: MBA 01399
Set against a textured, white ground is a spray of lilac & white spring flowers with dark-green lanceolate leaves. The flowers are only half if waiting for the first warming rays of the sun. A tiny, hardly legible B1993 signature/date cane is set at the edge of the white ground. The flat,..
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