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Tarsitano, Debbie & Delmo

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of Delmo and Debbie Tarsitano; two highly-talented lampwork artists.

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Ripe Pears (ca. 1978/80)
Reference: TAR 03366
Delmo Tarsitano: a cluster of 4 ripe, yellow pears - tinged with red - hang from an abundantly-leafed brown branch against a fancy-cut clear base centred by a 14-point star-cut.A blue/white DT signature cane is set next to the uppermost leaf.  ..
Mauve Dahlia (ca. 1988/90)
Reference: TAR 03029
The dahlia is probably the flower most often associated with this artist. This version - on clear - has 5 overlapping layers of pointed, shaded-mauve petals surrounding a wispy yellow stamen. The flowerhead is surrounded by a crown of dark-green leaves. The weight is cut with a circular top window a..
Strawberry & Blossom
Reference: TAR 02934
Delmo Tarsitano: a ripe ruby strawberry with yellow seeds on a stem with white blossoms. 2 of the blossoms are fully open, one is only only half open. All 3 have fine, pale-yellow millefiori cane stamen. 5 dark-green leaves completed the design, which is arranged over a 24-point star-cut ground.A DT..
Summer Fragrance Ed. 1/1
Reference: TAR 02042
An attractive mid-size weight featuring a double yellow wheat flower with a dome of fine yellow & orange anthers. The pale-pink petals of a second flower are just opening to reveal a complex pink & white pom-pom stamen. Cluster of pale-blue berries amidst variously-sized green leaves and intertwine..
3-Flower Bouquet (ca. 1984)
Reference: TAR 01054
According to the artist this was one of a series of approx. 25 weights - made ca. 1984 - in the style of the 3-dimensional  bouquets found in antique paperweights. This one features a multi-layered dahlia with blue, pink & mauve striped petals arranged with 2 wheat flowers in blue & white and pale-y..
Dahlia & Ysart Butterfly 1/1
Reference: TAR 02074
When we asked the artist for information about this superb weight, we discovered that it was a special piece - the work of 4 artists. A Paul Ysart butterfly (with an aventurine body & distinctive millefiori-cane wings) fluttering over a beautiful golden-bronze dahlia - with a pompon centre - created..
Dahlia 1/1 (ca. 1989)
Reference: TAR 01655
The clear crystal set with a striking multi-layered, deep-purple dahlia with striped petals and an equally striking dusty-pink & white complex millefiori stamen composed of 5 rows of “C” canes. The short stem - with its root system - bears numerous yellow/green, veined leaves and a purple bud about ..
Strawberries with Spider (1985)
Reference: TAR 00882
An extremely rare collaborative piece by Delmo Tarsitano and engraver Max Erlacher. An arching vine with 2 ripe strawberries, white blossoms, a bud and numerous veined green leaves. Hanging from a fine thread is the marbled-brown body of a spider. Finely etched on the base is a spider’s web with a f..
Pink Zinnia (2004)
Reference: TAR 00556
The main feature in this lampwork and millefiori design is a large, multi-layered zinnia with petals in various shades of pink and a complex blue & white stamen. Scattered on the opaque pink ground are complex millefiori canes in colours ranging from pale-pink and red to white, yellow, dark-blue & d..
Wild Rose & Berries
Reference: TAR 00933
A nature study with various branches bearing brown and bluish-purple berries, veined green leaves and a beautiful deep-pink wild rose with a large yellow complex cane forming the stamen - set over a clear, star-cut base. The weight has a large concave top window and 6 concave side facets.A mirror-in..
Pansy Nosegay (ca. 1978/80)
Reference: TAR 00884
A small, attractive weight depicting 3 russet-coloured pansies, the lower petals streaked with brown veins, the upper petals with shimmering blue. Completing the nosegay are buds and leafy stems, tied together with a blue ribbon.Signed with an early DT cane. Polished, concave base.  ..
Aurora (ca. 1978/80)
Reference: TAR 01029
Just a little bigger than a miniature, this pretty weight features 4 three-dimensional flowers - in shades of pale-pink, fuschia, russet and maroon combined with shimmering blue - all with upright yellow anthers. The 4 flowers are scattered amongst stems and variegated leaves over a clear ground.An ..
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