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St. Louis

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows the range of 19th Century designs associated with this renowned French glasshouse.

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Rare Flat Bouquet
Reference: STL 03166
The bouquet is centred by a blue pelargonium with 5 heart-shaped petals around a green/white honeycomb millefiori stamen.  Completing the bouquet are 4 clematis blossoms - in shades of pale-orange, pink, blue & white - 2 larger tulips, an orange & a red bud, several green leaves and gathered, curved..
Green Carpet Ground
Reference: STL 04275
A medium-size green carpet ground with a central circlet of white & dusty pink cog canes and 5 smaller circlets of blue/rust florets & white cogs.The design is not perfectly centred and there is some misalignment in the canes forming the base layer with detritus adhering to one of them Polis..
Excellent Signed Concentric
Reference: STL 02714
A large concentric with an unusual centre: 13 blue/brown florets of varying sizes are set in sodden snow, edged with 9 cross canes. This is encircled by 6 rings of assorted complex canes in shades of cobalt-blue, white, pale-blue, salmon-pink, green & lime-green. The outermost ring - lime-green tube..
Concentric with Silhouette
Reference: STL X109
Red-lined white crimp staves enclose 5 rows of complex millefiori canes and crimps centred by a black dancing devil silhouette. The glassmakers at St. Louis certainly knew how to use subtle colours schemes to achieve maximum effect. Here cobalt-blue & green florets have been placed next to pale-pink..
Small 5-row Concentric
Reference: STL 01093
A small, 5 row concentric...with pink & white crimp canes, blue & white stars in white collars (which are repeated in the third row in clusters of 7 - without the collars!), white crimps and white stars in dark-green corrugated canes...all enclosed in a basket of large red & white fortress canes.Pol..
5-row Concentric
Reference: STL 00968
A mid-size, concentric featuring a centre set-up with blue, white & red florets and green crimps. This is encircled by 2 rows of complex canes; pale salmon tubes enclosing pale green crimps and a row similar to the complex centre cane. Rows 3 and 4 display green-centred white crimps and blue-cen..
Signed & Dated Concentric
Reference: STL K114
A close concentric in a harmonious colour combination. Centering the 7 rows of millefiori canes is a small dog silhouette cane. The SL1848 signature/date cane is in the 6th row from the centre. The blue/white canes in the outer row are pulled to the centre underneath the weight.Some cullet from the ..
Good Concentric
Reference: STL 00665
Green-lined white crimp canes enclose 5 rows of large pink & white cross canes, blue & green complex canes and florets. The large centre set-up consists of 2 rows of pink & white and pure white canes around a blue 12-point star set in a red-lined white tube. Although very slightly off-centre, the de..
Excellent 7-row Concentric
Reference: STL 00625
A central white cog, lined in blue and containing 4 pink crosses is surrounded by 7 rows of crimps, florets and complex millefiori canes - in pastel tones of pale blue, pale green, pink, lemon and white, including one row of darker blue - all set in a pink crimp basket in this excellent St. Louis co..
Blue/Orange Crown
Reference: STL 02715
A small, low-domed crown composed of latticinio twists alternating with 8 opaque white spiralling ribbons coated blue on one side and orange on the other - a combination seen far less frequently than red/green or red/blue. At the apex - where the latticinio and ribbons meet - is a 2-ring pale-green/..
Rare Miniature Crown
Reference: STL 01422
Miniature crowns are far less common than their larger counterparts. Radiating out from a complex centre cane with blue-and-white florets, green crimps and a red-and-white star in a white collar, 9 red & green spiral ribbons - edged in opaque white - alternate with white multi-ply latticinio twists...
Pink & Blue Crown
Reference: STL 01044
The hollow-bown centre of this outstanding crown is surrounded by deep-pink & cobalt-blue twisted ribbons alternating with fine spiralling white latticinio, and centred by a large floret composed of 12 salmon-pink tubes and 8 white stars.Provenance: 1) Alan Tillman’s Summer Exhibition, London 19..
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