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Lotton Glass

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of various members of this family of glass-makers.

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Surface Decorated (2007)
Reference: LOT 01247
A surface-decorated weight: 5 large, pinkish-red blooms with yellow stamen, growing on intertwined stems, are arranged over a white opalescent ground.Signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Jeremiah Lotton 2007.  ..
Blue Clematis (2003)
Reference: LOT K205
Floating in the clear glass of this magnum weight are 3 brilliant-blue clematis in full bloom. Each bloom has a bright yellow stamen and fine white stripes on the petals. The bluish-black stalks rising from the base bear variously-sized iridescent leaves.The polished, flat base is signed and dated: ..
Pink Morning Glories (2008)
Reference: LOT 01463
3 pink morning glories in full bloom, growing from dark-brown intertwined stems over clear ground. The delicately-shaded, funnel-shaped flowers have white striped petals, a white throat and a bright-yellow stamen. The weight is cut with a top facet and 3 large, oval side facetsScript-signed and dat..
Pink Phlox (2007)
Reference: LOT K229
Filling this magnum-size weight are 3 large, pink phlox over clear ground. The white-ribbed petals surround a purple eye. The dark stalks bear different-sized, mottled bluish-green leaves.The base has a wide, polished rim and an opaque central concavity. Signed and dated: David Lotton 2007.  ..
Exotic Blooms (2007)
Reference: LOT K226
The clear glass set with 6 four-petalled blossoms in glowing pinkish-purple colours over entwined deep blue stalks and a yellow base.The base has a polished rim around an opaque, concave centre which is signed and dated: Jeremiah Lotton 2007.  ..
Bower Vine (2004)
Reference: LOT K206
A climbing plant with clusters of funnel-shaped white flowers with pink-flushed throats. The flowers are growing from black & white interwoven stems over clear ground. A new design from the youngest member of this talented family of glass artists - now in the 3rd generation.Signed and dated in the c..
Morning Glories (2008)
Reference: LOT 01464
Issuing from a cluster of interwoven vines in this magnum-size weight, are 3 green stems bearing funnel-shaped morning glories in full bloom. The striped petals - centred by a bright-yellow pistil - have a wonderful range of colours... from deep-purple & violet to mauve, pink & white.Signed on the f..
Fantasy Flowers (2004)
Reference: LOT K204
This magnum weight is set with 3 large, pink & purple wispy flowers with green & black stamen, over deep-blue stalks and iridescent bluish-green leaves.The base has a wide, polished rim and a small opaque, concavity in the centre which is signed and dated: David Lotton 2004...
Calla Lilies (2004)
Reference: LOT K152
The clear glass set with 3 finely-sculpted, stylized white & green calla lilies with yellow anthers growing from a tangle of black & white stalks. An attractive weight from the youngest member (the 3rd generation !) of this talented family of glass artists.Signed and dated on the polished, flat base..
Tropical Blooms (2002)
Reference: LOT K151
Magnum size; the clear crystal set with feathery, 5-petalled blooms in glowing colours ranging from purple, violet & blue to brown, red & pink - with green & black stamen. The black branches bear bluish/green leaves with an almost iridescent surface.The base has a wide, polished basal rim and a smal..
White Phlox (2002)
Reference: LOT K150
A magnum-size weight with 3 large, finely-sculpted white phlox each with a purple eye, set over clear ground. The bluish-green stalks rising from the base bear variously-sized, Art Nouveau-style leaves.The wide, flat wear rim is polished and the weight is signed and dated in the opaque central conca..
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