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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows classic and later examples of paperweights from this famous English glassworks.

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4-Row Concentric Millefiori
Reference: BCH X134
Encircling a large feature cane composed of pink & white collars and ruffles are complex and compound millefiori canes in soft pastel pinks & blues, contrasting with pale-green & ochre florets and white & ruby cogs. The 4 rows of canes are enclosed in a basket of white-centred blue staves which are ..
Early 2-ring Concentric
Reference: BCH 03678
An early, mid-size 2-ring concentric. Encircling an 8-lobed, pink/white “flowerhead” cane with wispy blue lining is a ring of small green/white cogs. In the second ring are 9 larger canes, 3 of which are set in opaque white collars. The corrugated staves in the basket - blue-lined white staves with ..
Concentric in Blue/White Basket
Reference: BCH 03407
White corrugated staves, lined and encased in blue, form a basket enclosing 3 concentric rings of complex millefiori canes - including white/pale-green ruffles and red/white florets (both in white collars) and red/white composite canes. In the centre, a ring of white crimps - set in ruby - encircles..
Fine Closepack
Reference: BCH X096
Not all Bacchus weights were magnums - there were smaller ones - like this closepack ! It contains a good assortment of typical Bacchus canes around a centre cluster of deep-pink cogs and ivory-coloured ruffle canes. The predominantly white tonality is punctuated by pale- & dark-blue, pale- & dark-g..
Medium-size 2-row Concentric
Reference: BCH 03023
Although one generally thinks of Bacchus weights as being magnum-sized, there are exceptions: such as this 2-row concentric. Encircling the large red-centred, 4-layer white “flowerhead” (ca. 22mm - 7/8" in diameter!) are 2 rows of white & blue ruffle and ogee-tipped cog canes accentuated by shades o..
Purple Stave Basket
Reference: BCH X133
A 3-row concentric set in a basket of purple corrugated canes. The canes in the first row encircling the centre are simple red/white cogs followed by a row composed of 9 different complex canes.  The third row features 15 pale-green, ogee-tipped canes containing 4 miniature canes set in a white coll..
Excellent Closepack with Silhouettes
Reference: BCH X089
Closely-packed typical Bacchus canes including pale-yellow ruffles, white cogs, snowflake silhouettes and an abundance of green acorn and oak-leaf silhouettes in various different sizes. Some are set on their own, others are combined to form complex canes and one centres a red & white complex cane. ..
Close Millefiori with Silhouettes
Reference: BCH X073
A large, classical Bacchus set with assorted millefiori canes including red “flowers”, pink-centred white ruffles in blue/red circlets, red stars, pale-lilac honeycombs and white cogs. Strewn amongst them are 6 silhouettes...4 green “oak-leaves” (2 centering composite canes), 2 green acorns and 4 di..
Blue & Green Concentric
Reference: BCH X072
Encased in the clear glass is a central cluster of 24 small and larger green, blue, pink and white millefiori elements encircled by a row of white crimps set in ruby. The 2nd row is composed of 18 extremely complex canes each with approx. 40 cogs, crimps, honeycombs, whorls and stars in white, pink,..
Concentric with 4-Cane Centre
Reference: BCH 01346
Each of the 4 complex centre canes has a white double-ruffle in a green-lined collar, encircled by 7 white ruffles in white collars. The unusual canes in the 1st row are encased in apple green glass, whereas those in the second row are set in “sodden snow”. More pale-green and white ruffles in dark-..
Oak Leaf Silhouettes
Reference: BCH X068
A 4-row concentric in shades of green, red and white around a large, white flower-like feature cane in a blue-sheathed white collar. The most notable feature: the 12 highly- complex canes in the first row - each one has 7 pale-green oakleaf silhouettes around a red & white centre - a total of 84 oak..
4-row Concentric
Reference: BCH X051
A 4-row concentric in a blue/white stave basket. Typical factory canes, with yellow tubes and minute ruffle canes surrounding a finely-drawn blue star cane plus central red-and-white ruffles. One row is composed of canes which, in themselves, are miniature closepacks with as many as 35-40 tiny canes..
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