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Scott, Allan

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of this talented Scottish lampwork artist.

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Wild Orchids 1/1 (2017)
Reference: SCO 03885
Two stylized yellow orchids with blotchy white & pink tongues and a tall stalk crowned by two green leaves are set against an opaque blue ground. At the base of the flower stems are two variegated leaves. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 small, round side facets.Signed ..
Manzilla 1/1 (2017)
Reference: SCO 03886
A compound design with 2 layers above an opaque white ground. Over the layer of green stalks & dark-brown foliage is a 2nd layer composed of pale-pink, blue and white stylized flowers & buds. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 side facets. At the base of the flower stalks is a pink/b..
Dawn 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 03229
Floating above a hazy pale-pink, semi-translucent colour ground are 2 pale-yellow stylized orchids with white & pink tongues. To the left is a small yellow bud. The blooms are supported on pale-blue stalks and arranged with a couple of tall, variegated green leaves. The weight is finished with a top..
Romance 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 03228
A lovely bouquet with 2 deep-pink and 2 pale-pink roses with green sepals and stalks. Arranged with sprays of gyphsophila over clear ground. In addition to the circular top window there are 6 round side facets.Signed at the base of the stalks with a pink/blue “A” cane. Inscribed above the basal rim:..
Blue Angel 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 03232
The semi-translucent, soft-hued green colour ground is covered by a carpet of white & pale-pink flowers. Floating above them is a butterfly with an emerald-green & black body. Between the pale-blue and darker-blue outer edges of the outstretched wings are curved rows of white spots. In addition to t..
Persian Jewels 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 02855
A floral arrangement over a pale-blue/white swirling latticinio ground. The first layer of this compound design is yellow/green foliage. The 2nd layer is composed of a large pale-blue flower, multi-petalled, pale-pink blossoms and a couple of pale-blue and white blooms. Around the circular top windo..
Milady 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 03230
Two delicately-shaded stylized orchids (white & mauve) in full bloom with a third white & lilac striped orchid starting to unfurl. Together with long, narrow pale-green leaves, the arrangement rests on a bed of white lace. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 6 round side facets.Sig..
Spring Glory 1/1 (2014)
Reference: SCO 03231
A colourful compound design on a semi-translucent amethyst ground (appears black). Over the layer of white foliage is a 2nd layer displaying multi-petalled pink flowers with yellow & green stamen. Completing the arrangement are pale-green & white stalks, sepals and leaves. The weight is cut with a c..
Nebula Ed. 1/1 (2013)
Reference: SCO 03884
A delicate floral arrangement: 2 pale-lilac fantasy flowers in full bloom, one unfurling and a tightly-closed bud set against a “misty” backdrop. Completing the design are brown stems & spiky brown leaves. Finished with a top facet and 6 small circular facets near the top of the weight. Signed with ..
Hyacinth Spray 1/1 (2013)
Reference: SCO 03137
A compound weight displaying a cluster of white-petalled blooms in various stages of flowering. All have conspicuous blue & purple stamen. 5 long, narrow green leaves - lying on the semi-translucent purple colour ground - form the 2nd layer. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 side fa..
Solitude 1/1 (2013)
Reference: SCO 02543
A fine lampwork design in a cylindrical form with a sloping, polished front facet. The full bouquet consists of 4 pale-pink & white and 4 pale-lilac & purple flowers set against a second layer of variegated greyish-green foliage. The floral arrangement is backed by a 32-point star-cut.A & S signatur..
Peonies 1/1 (2012)
Reference: SCO 03136
A 2 layer weight depicting stylized tree peonies. Beneath 2 flowers in full bloom and a single bud is a second layer of woody, brownish-purple stalks and striped leaves enhanced with thousands of tiny air bubbles. The ribbed white petals, tinged with pale-pink, are centred by mauve & lemon stamen. T..
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