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Scott, Allan

Allan Scott started his career in 1975 making lampwork at Perthshire Paperweights before joining John Deacons at J-Glass. Later, he worked at Caithness Glass and designed many of the Caithness/Whitefriars range. He also produced fine “one-off” pieces for the annual Scottish Glass Society Exhibition. In much of his earlier work he collaborated with Harry McKay, later with Shona Spittal. Allan continues to make lampwork set-ups and is currently working together with John Deacons, who is encasing them. His designs generally contain an “A” cane, which has varied over the years.

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Reference: SCO 03885
Two stylized yellow orchids with blotchy white & pink tongues and a tall stalk crowned by two green leaves are set against an opaque blue ground. At the base of the flower stems are two variegated leaves. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 small, round side facets.Signed ..
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