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MacNaught, Damon

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.
This page shows examples of the work of this American millefiori artist.

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Shades of Blue (2022)
Reference: NAU 04430
Encircling the white stardust centre and pink hollow canes in this delightful mid-size weight are complex millefiori canes in shades of blue - all set within a basket of white corrugated canes.  Signed with an “M” cane - visible though the porthole in the base; script-signed and dated above the..
Bone-white Double Overlay (2019)
Reference: NAU 04256
Decorated with enameled flowers and birds, the bone-white double overlay is cut with a top facet and 5 side facets to reveal 3-rows of green, pink & blue complex millefiori canes set within a white & pink stave basket. Signed with an “M” cane on the underside of the concentric design.  Script-signed..
Jade-green Double Overlay (2019)
Reference: NAU 04166
A jade-green-on-white double overlay - decorated with enamelled flowers & birds - is cut with a top facet and 5 side facets to reveal a small 2-row concentric in shades of blue, pink & pale-green enclosed in a stave basket. An “M” signature cane is set on the underside of the concentric design.  Scr..
Magnum Closepack (2019)
Reference: NAU 04257
Scattered among the very varied complex millefiori canes in this magnum closepack are a couple of silhouette canes (a cat and a duck) and a picture cane with 2 cherries.  The canopy is enclosed in a multi-coloured basket, which is drawn underneath the canes.Flat polished base.  An “M” cane is set on..
Purple/White Basket (2019)
Reference: NAU 04168
Centring 3 rows of complex millefiori canes is a soft-pink 4-petalled flower cane outlined in white.  The flower cane appears again - in white/green - in the second row and also in the centre of the green complex canes in the third row. Encircling the concentric design, purple/white rods and white c..
Pink/White Basket (2019)
Reference: NAU 04169
An attractive 2-row concentric enclosed in a pink & white basket.  Encircling the pink rose cane in the centre are amber & white upright rods, pink 4-petalled flower canes and a row of pale-aqua flower canes used in 2 different types of complex millefiori. Signed with an “M” cane on the underside of..
Medium-size Closepack (2019)
Reference: NAU 04235
A canopy of colourful complex millefiori canes - 4-petalled flowers, stars, cogs & hollow tubes - closely-packed within a multi-coloured basket, which is drawn underneath the canes.Flat, polished base.  Signed with a “M” cane on the underside of the millefiori canopy.  Script-signed and dated D MacN..
Pale-orange & Blue (2018)
Reference: NAU 04009
Meticulously-set around a 4-petalled flower cane is a concentric design in a harmonious colour combination: pale-orange & various shades of blue with hints of claret & green. The pale-blue corrugated staves and white cog staves encircling the millefiori canes form a basket which is drawn into the fl..
Shades of Green (2018)
Reference: NAU 04008
A 3-row concentric design composed of complex millefiori canes in various shades of green, relieved by a hint of pink and splashes of white. The wagonwheel, bundled rod, cog and star canes are enclosed in a basket of green/white corrugated & green/white star staves which are drawn into the flat, pol..
Small Concentric (2012)
Reference: NAU 03070
The large deep-pink & white feature cane in the centre is filled with white rods and green & white St. Louis-style crimps. Encircling it are turquoise & white corrugated canes filled with pale-pink crimps and a row of blue-lined, white 8-lobed canes. The pale-amber, red & white rods around the perim..
Wagonwheel Concentric (2012)
Reference: NAU 02430
A concentric-pattern encircling a white, green & ruby cane with an “M” signature on the underside. A row of yellow “wagonwheel” canes - with lime-green & white spacers between them - catch the eye amongst the blues and pinks of the other canes. The whole design is set in a basket of alternating sage..
Square-cut Closepack (2012)
Reference: NAU 02428
Set in a small basket composed of various pink cog & corrugated canes is a delightful closepack with a domed canopy of complex millefiori canes: stars, rods, tubes & cog canes, in colours ranging from white, yellow, pink & lilac to ruby, turquoise, brown & blue. The faceting is unusual - a small cir..
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