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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the type of paperweights produced by this famous French glasshouse.

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Fine B1848 Blue Star Carpet Ground
Reference: BAC X136
A fine carpet ground with 19 complex canes - including 5 Gridel silhouettes (dog, butterfly, deer, white mountain goat & white squirrel) - scattered over cobalt-blue & white canes centred by a blue star. Incorporated in the canopy of millefiori canes is a B1848 signature/date cane in mauve, blue & r..
Millefiori Circlets Piedouche
Reference: BAC 03808
Centring the millefiori design is a complex red/white arrow cane ringed by red/white pastry mould canes. Spaced around the central motif over clear ground are 3 circlets of white stardust canes and 3 circlets of red/white/green star canes. The dome is raised on a foot encircled by a torsade of red ..
Rare Bi-coloured Flower
Reference: BAC 01681
A fine, stylized floral weight: the flower, with 6 shaded-yellow petals overlaid with smaller red petals around a white stardust/pink bull’s eye centre, has a short, curved stem bearing a red bud  and 3 green leaves. 5 further leaves surround the flowerhead, which is floating above a 24-point star-c..
Excellent Two Flower Design
Reference: BAC 02485
After studying approx. 40 auction house paperweight catalogues (1980 - 2000), it seemed that Baccarat TWO flower weights appear rarely - there were only 5 or 6 examples. This one is set with a dark-red double clematis with a (slightly distorted) honeycomb centre, growing from a curved stalk with two..
Double Periwinkle
Reference: BAC 03730
The Type 1 periwinkle is one of the less common Baccarat flowers. 2 rows of ridged pale-blue & white petals are arranged around a pink-centred white stardust cane. 5 green leaves crown the flowerhead; another 2 long narrow leaves are attached near the base of the stem. The polished concave base is d..
Rare B1849 Date Cane
Reference: BAC X024
A closepack signed with a rare B1849 signature/date cane - rare because the 1849 cane is generally seen without the “B” ! The cushion of closely-packed stardust, arrow canes, shamrock and a whole array of complex millefiori canes also includes silhouettes of a red dog, 2 black goats, a rooster, a de..
B1848 Closepack - 9 Silhouettes & Flower
Reference: BAC 03165
A dated medium-size closepack with a cross-section of Baccarat canes including fortress canes, honeycombs, whorls, stars, different types of shamrock canes and arrow canes. There are 9 Gridel silhouettes - black horse, rooster, dog, stag, white lovebirds in a red surround, a white dove in a red tube..
Miniature B1848 Closepack - 7 Silhouettes
Reference: BAC 03036
A rare, miniature dated closepack with a good assortment of typical Baccarat canes including 7 Gridel silhouettes: a blue/black rooster, a black dog, horse & deer, a pheasant above 2 shamrocks and - hidden in a white-lined, red cog cane - a pheasant under a semi-circle of small shamrocks. The 7th si..
B1847 Closepack - 7 Silhouettes + 2 Flowers
Reference: BAC 00345
Typical Baccarat canes including 3 animal silhouettes (white squirrel, white monkey and blue/black dog), plus 4 bird silhouettes (white pheasant on shamrocks, white pheasant in a circle of shamrocks, a white bird in a green/white complex cane and white pheasant in a white/red cane). In addition ther..
Reference: BAC K368
1846 closepacks rarely appear on the market.  Although there are no Gridel silhouette canes (they were only introduced as of 1847 weights) the cushion of closely-packed and complex millefiori canes - including arrowheads, fortress and shamrock canes - does include 2 red flower canes - see compo..
Miniature Closepack - Stag Silhouette
Reference: BAC 03810
A good miniature closepack with a varied assortment of typical Baccarat canes including a single Gridel silhouette (the stag), a large 6-point white star, a variety of different complex star canes, quatrefoils & bundled rods. The canes are set on shorts lengths of latticinio.Polished, concave base w..
Undated Closepack
Reference: BAC 03150
A medium-size closepack with an arched canopy of millefiori canes which rises well into the dome. Set over an opaque white cushion the assortment of typical Baccarat canes includes shamrock & leaf canes with fortress centres, different types of arrow canes, numerous stars, whorls, bull’s eyes and re..
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