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Hunter, Mike

Mike Hunter is one of Britain’s leading art glass designers and makers. In 1998, after working in hot glass in industry for more than 25 years, he set up Twists Glass Studio in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders region. He incorporates his beautiful and colourful “twists” into wine glasses, plates and vases...and his complex millefiori canes into paperweights. His paperweights - nowadays mostly one-of-a-kind pieces - have an “MH” signature cane and are generally scratch-signed and dated on the base.

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Reference: TWI 04431
This weight is considerably larger than Mike’s standard size A striking design centered by red roses around a new picture cane - a toucan.  Completing the design are complex millefiori canes in shades of dark-blue, white, lavender, pink and yellow.  The canes are set on a clear ground abov..
Reference: TWI 04432
A delightful small “floral” weight with cream-coloured rose canes and green & white daisy canes encircling a single red rose.  The complex millefiori canes are set in a white stave basket over a clear cushion. Signed with an MH cane within the design and scratch signed M. Hunter Twists 22 1..
Reference: TWI 04391
A 5-row concentric centred by a yellow rose.  Surrounding the centre rose is a row of simple burgundy-lined hollow tubes and then 4 rows of complex millefiori canes.  Encircling the pale-blue/white tonality in the centre of the weight is a row of canes composed of red hearts & white st..
Reference: TWI 04392
Not quite a miniature, but a new size for Mike: a single row of complex millefiori canes set around a "spaced" centre set-up of white stars, red/white hearts and red/white crimps.  The canes are enclosed in white stave basket.An MH signature cane is placed within the design.  Inscribed on ..
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