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Banford, Family

Ray Banford (1918-2003) was from New Jersey - an area with a long tradition in glassmaking. Ray, along with his son Bob Banford, began to experiment with paperweights in the early 1970s. Within a few years they were making top-quality weights in a variety of designs. Both artists are perhaps best known for their beautiful lampwork flower weights often set in intricately-cut baskets. In the early years Ray Banford used a number of different signature canes. From 1980 onwards he used a black B in a white circle. Bob Banford’s signature cane has a red B on a white field within a blue ring.

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Reference: BAN 04139
A fruit weight from Ray Banford: four ripe pears hang from a brown, forked branch along with three dark-green leaves.  The lampwork design is set over parallel latticinio rods. The weight is finished with a single top facet and 5 side facets. Signed with a black & white “B” cane. Polished, concave b..
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