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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work produced by this Scottish glassworks.

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Rare Double Overlay Butterfly (1976)
Reference: STR 01761
A rare multi-cane butterfly in a double overlay. The wings are composed of complex millefiori canes with a distinct Ysart/Vasart look to them. The blue-bodied insect - with its yellow antennae - floats above a mottled pink/white cushion with aventurine inclusions. The facets in the blue-on-white ove..
Blue D/O with Butterfly (Mid-70s)
Reference: STR 01762
One of those rare weights that seldom appear on the market - a millefiori butterfly in a blue & white double overlay. The wings - made of complex green & anthracite canes with amber/brown eyespots - are lightly dusted with aventurine. The insect floats above a mottled pink & white cushion with avent..
Rare Magnum Double Overlay
Reference: STR 01763
A rare magnum cobalt-blue & white double overlay cut with a large circular top facet and 10 round side facets to reveal a 5-petalled deep, velvet-blue flower with 3 green leaves rising out of a mottled, translucent pale-amber cushion. (appears black!)According to Dave Moir who worked at Strathearn, ..
Concentric Millefiori on Black
Reference: STR 03845
Designated SP100, this series of designs was introduced in 1979.  Set on an opaque black ground are 3 close rows of complex millefiori canes2 followed by spaced rows.  The colours of the complex canes in the centre are predominantly pale-grey, pale-orange, brown & pink whereas the canes in the outer..
Star on Black (1979)
Reference: STR K109
An unusual star design, which shows what the skilled workers at Strathearn were capable of when allowed to make the sort of canes and designs they wanted to make. Cut with a circular top window and 6 oval side facets. Polished, concave base.A certificate - signed by Dave Moir - confirms that he made..
Pink Star Design
Reference: STR K108
One of the later weights made by the company: a 6-point star over a velvety black ground. The scalloped pink edges are lined with white & green star canes while the centre millefiori arrangement features complex white, blue & green canes around an 8-tooth blue & white cog on mustard-yellow. The weig..
Millefiori Quatrefoil (1980)
Reference: STR 00793
Designated SP-102, this series of designs was introduced shortly before paperweight production at Strathearn was phased out. Set on a mottled amber ground (appears black!) is a large, complex centre cane encircled by a quatrefoil garland with white/yellow/turquoise canes with a black cross on a whit..
10-Spoke Cartwheel (Faceted)
Reference: STR 03583
The scalloped top facet and ribbed faceting around the sides of the weight enhance this attractive 10-spoke cartwheel design. The prominent cane between the latticinio twists is a pale-blue/white, flower-like 8-point cog with a pinkish-red centre. The ring around the pink-centre cane is various shad..
Faceted 10-Spoke Cartwheel
Reference: STR 00484
An attractive 10-spoke cartwheel design enhanced by the ribbed faceting and scalloped top facet. The canes between the latticinio twists are in pastel tones - pale mauve, pale-blue & green, and chartreuse & pink. The ring around the red/white centre cane is pale & dark-green. The design is set on a ..
Faceted 8-Spoke Cartwheel
Reference: STR 00066
A highly individual note in this attractive weight is the large top window and ribbed faceting. From a 7-cane centre complex, radial latticinio spokes divide the translucent mottled mid-blue cushion into 8 panels with a 1-2-2 cane formation. The predominent tone is blue - relieved with a hint of gre..
Faceted 7-Panel Design
Reference: STR 00485
The 7 panels on an opaque pink/beige ground - filled with millefiori canes in pastel shades of pale-blue, mauve and slate-blue - are outlined by latticinio twists radiating out from a ring of red/white/yellow complex canes around a white/lemon internal star.  The faceting - a circular top window & 7..
1970 Rare 9-Spoke P-10 Design
Reference: STR X005
The P-10 millefiori design is generally found with 7, 8 or 10 spokes, but seldom with 9 spokes - which is what makes this one rare! (see the article by Richard More in the 2004 PCA Bulletin, page 100). Well made canes - in lemon, orange, dark-brown and silvery tones - set in the usual 1-2-2-3 format..
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