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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This section includes paperweights
• for which there is no dedicated category
• or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular country or glassworks.

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Patterned Closepack - 6 Roses
Reference: MIS 04086
The type of canes found in this weight have been variously described as “early” and “late” Clichy and are now sometimes attributed to Pantin.Amongst the colourful complex millefiori canes in this loosely-spaced closepack over a clear ground are 4 collapsed tube roses (2 x white/pink; 1 x white/green..
Concentric with Rose Canes
Reference: MIS 03820
A 3-row spaced concentric on clear from an unidentified European factory with 5 different types of millefiori canes. White cog canes surround the blue, white & red centre cane, which is repeated as one of the alternating canes in the second row. The pink & white complex canes in the outer ow are pun..
Concentric Millefiori - Chenée ??
Reference: MIS 03732
Probably of Belgian origin - Chenée ? - this weight most likely began life as a mantle ornament. Set around a stardust cane are 3 concentric rings of complex millefiori canes with pink cruciform canes encircling unusual “honeycombs” made up of 9 hollow squares, white cruciform canes surrounding blue..
Roundel Design - Unknown Factory
Reference: MIS 03540
An excellent millefiori roundel design most likely of Belgian origin. Within a garland of green/blue millefiori canes and set over parallel latticinio rods, 5 roundels with complex millefiori canes encircle a centre green/white roundel. Most of the canes -  including those at the centre of the round..
Mantle Ornament (ca. 1880 - 1910)
Reference: MIS 01675
Attributed to a Belgian glassworks, this mantle ornament has a conically-shaped top to the footed shaft, which serves as a holder for a paperweight.  In this case, the paperweight - which has 2 layers of white, ruby & green frit pierced by a central and 4 peripheral bubbles - has been bonded to the ..
Early Chinese White (1930s ?)
Reference: MIS 04047
A fairly typical scene found in Chinese White paperweights: 2 birds flying above blue and pink flowers, brown branches and green foliage and painted on an opaque white disk encased in glass with a yellowish tint.  There are number of bubbles on the surface of the disk.The dome is relatively flat and..
23 Millefiori Canes
Reference: MIS 03410
A mystery 19th Century Continental weight; the clear crystal is set with 23 millefiori canes - and it was probably made in an - as yet unidentified - French glassworks. Amongst the relatively simple 3-colour star canes are a number of extremely complex canes such as the white tube -set in ruby glass..
Low-dome Closepack
Reference: MIS 02564
Probably made in a - currently unknown - French glassworks, the weight is filled with white tubes - some as concentric tubes, some with coloured overlays, others containing a variety of 6-point stars. Scattered amongst them, however, are 7 or 8 extremely complex millefiori canes - so it must surely ..
Unknown 3-row Concentric
Reference: MIS 02563
A neatly set 19th Century 3-row concentric around a 4-cane centre cluster on clear. The canes are well made although not particularly complex. The colours - red, white & blue - could possibly indicate a French glassworks, but so far, it has not proved possible to match the canes to any of the known ..
Miniature 3-Row Concentric
Reference: MIS K299
An attractive 19th Century miniature - but difficult to attribute to one of the well-known paperweight makers. Apart from a couple of slipped canes in the first row, the other canes are neatly set around a slightly off-centre pink/white composite cane. The turquoise/white corrugated canes containing..
Magnum - 5 Large Roses
Reference: MIS 00618
Although for years weights like this were attributed to Bohemia, more recent research points to an, as yet, unidentified French source. The glass has a darkish tint. 5 large white/green roses centred by 6 pink/white tubes encircle a white stardust cane which also has a pink/white tube in the centre...
19th Century Scrambled - Unknown Origin
Reference: MIS 00406
A mystery weight of unknown origin in fine heavy crystal. The whole and partial millefiori canes indicate the work of a skilled glassmaker. The colour palette is bright: candy-pink, lime-green, peach, yellow, blue and white with a sprinkling of copper aventurine. A centre bubble rises “on a stalk”; ..
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