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St. Louis

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows the varied range of modern work produced in this renowned French glasshouse.

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2007 Blue Clematis (Ed. 100)
Reference: MSL 03777
The beautiful blue clematis with 3 layers of brilliant-blue petals around a pure white stamen is set over a layer of scattered green leaves above an opaque white ground. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 side facets. A tiny SL2007 signature/date cane is almost hidden among the g..
2006 Smokey-grey Honeycomb (Ed. 125)
Reference: MSL 01418
An intriguing play of light and shade from 8 rows of smokey-grey “C” canes - edged in white - which are set as a honeycomb carpet-ground, over a green cushion with a white underlay. Centering the design is an SL 2006 signature/date cane in a green collar. Numbered on the polished, concave base.(Incl..
2005 Fleur d’Eau (Ed. 125)
Reference: MSL 03008
Encased in clear crystal is a nosegay with white, multi-petalled flowers and 2 tightly-closed buds sheathed in dark-green, pointed leaves, which taper to a point above a blue-flashed base. The design is enhanced by 18 round and oval side facets, arranged in 3 rows. A blue/white SL 2005 signature/dat..
2005 Du Barry (Ed. 125)
Reference: MSL 01458
A superb design seen through the large, flat top facet: 3 mottled pink & white flowers, buds and curling stems on a bed of dark-green, shell-shaped leaves. The delicate lampwork is encased in a network of swirling blue, pale-green & white latticinio. Unusual faceting - 12 concave, trapezoidal facets..
2004 Princess Mathilde
Reference: MSL 03775
Small complex millefiori canes in green, pistachio, pink & beige are set in the style of a formal garden on an opaque white ground within a garland of complex white & dark-green staves, which are drawn into the base of the weight. A tiny blue/white SL2004 signature/date cane is set in one of the “fl..
2003 Violette (Ed. 125)
Reference: MSL 01417
Two finely-veined, pale-lavender & white flowers, a bud and variegated foliage float above a carpet of complex pale-lavender, cream, blue and red millefiori canes in this beautiful weight. The violet flash overlay is cut with a circular top window and 5 concave side facets.An SL2003 signature/date c..
2002 Mots d’amour (Ed. 125)
Reference: MSL 01457
A great weight, a novel idea - meticulously executed! A white marguerite with multi-layered petals and a yellowish-brown centre floats above a ground of complex millefiori canes in various shades of green with a few scattered red & white stars. Modelled after the time-honoured pastime of pulling of..
2001 Rosace (Ed. 75)
Reference: MSL 04312
Floating in the crystal dome is an 8-lobed millefiori star composed of numerous complex royal blue canes with red/white centres.  The star is outlined by orange & white cogs.  Forming a garland lower down the dome are 4 rows of pink, white & blue complex millefiori canes within a basket of red-lined..
2001 Verte Prairie (Ed. 75)
Reference: MSL 03474
A striking design: captured in the crystal dome is a black-bodied butterfly with outstretched white/green composite cane wings. The insect is flying over a field of geometric shapes made up of 9 different types of millefiori canes in various shades of green - combined with red, white, brown & blue. ..
2000 Purple Orchid (Ed. 100)
Reference: MSL 03776
The clear cystal is set with a purple orchid, its 12 white-tipped petals centred by a large pink, green & white stamen. A fine yellow & pink twisted torsade encircles the lampwork flower, which is arranged over stylized green foliage above an opaque white ground. The weight is finished with a circul..
1999 Millefiori Heart (Ed. Unknown)
Reference: MSL 02262
This design is not illustrated in any St. Louis brochure - however it is dated 1999. A similar weight - same pattern, same colours - appeared in an L.H. Selman brochure (1999 or 2000) - but with no indication as to whether it was part of an edition. Within the heart-shaped arrangement is the silhoue..
1999 Un Vent de Paradis  (Ed. 75)
Reference: MSL 03552
Encased in clear crystal is a wonderful array of multi-coloured complex millefiori canes forming the outer "shell" of a ball. Floating deep inside - and visible through the clear top and 6 oval “windows” around the side - is a black-bodied butterfly. The outstretched blue wings bear white markings a..
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