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Trabucco Studio

Victor Trabucco first experimented with making paperweights in 1977, fascinated by the idea of encasing delicate lampwork arrangements in solid crystal. In 1984, his twin sons David and Jon - who had grown up watching their father create his floral designs - began to produce their own paperweights. Today all three are considered to be among the most creative glass artists in the world. Earlier weights generally contained a “VT” signature cane - David and Jon used a “T” cane - but they have now discontinued this practice and today’s paperweights are dated and scratch-signed "Trabucco" above the basal rim.

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Reference: TRA 04385
The clear glass is set with a large pink wild rose and pink buds.  Encircling the flowerhead are numerous green leaves.  The weight is finished with a concave top facet and honeycomb faceting on the side.Under one of the leaves is a green/black VT signature cane. The weight is script-signe..
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