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Perthshire Annuals

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows weights from the Annual Collections produced by this popular Scottish factory.

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Rare 2002 Pink Flower - Ed. ??
Reference: PER 04413
Possibly intended to be one of the 2002 Annual Editions it was never fully issued owing to the demise of Perthshire at the end of 2001.  A 5-petalled pink flower is encircled by stylized pink buds & pale-green leaves over an upset muslin cushion. Signed with a P2002 cane in the polished, co..
2001K Little Gem - Ed. 50
Reference: PER 01066
A series of 4 small weights issued at the end of 2001, shortly before the company folded. This was the 4th one; a white & lavender stylized flower, with pink-tipped petals, a brown & yellow star stamen and ribbed petals borne on a short, curved stem...over an opaque, sky-blue ground. Cut with a circ..
2001G Millefiori Pedestal - Ed. 125
Reference: PER 04242
Resting on a pedestal of alternating blue & white rods with a clear faceted foot, a closely-packed canopy of well over 100 complex canes is set on a cushion of crushed canes within a multi-coloured border. Signed with a “P” cane within the design.  (Includes original certificate)..
2001E Dragonfly - Ed. 175
Reference: PER 01065
The clear glass encloses a coral-pink & white dragonfly with white latticinio wings, hovering over wild flowers next to a clump of bullrushes growing at the edge of a pond. A frosted border frames the top facet and the unusual cutting around the 12 side facets imitates the criss-cross flight of ..
2001A Toucan - Ed. 250
Reference: PER 00731
The clear glass set with a large, yellow-billed, white-throated toucan, perched on a branch with a couple of pale-brown leaves. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 oval side facets. Scratch-signed “P” plus the edition number (97) near the edge of the basal rim. Bears an original Perth..
2000/2001 Blue Blossom 1/1
Reference: PER 03976
Brown branches bearing pale and darker blue blossom - accompanied by small, green leaves - spread out over clear ground.  The mid-size weight is cut with a circular top facet and two rows of oval side facets. Each of the facets in the lower row have an additional flute in the centre. The concave bas..
2000 (?) Woodland Flora 1/1
Reference: PER 01077
Set over an opaque, sky-blue ground are an upright and 2 hanging white & lavender lampwork flowers - with deeply-cupped petals - and a cluster of pointed leaves at the base of the 3 stems. Cut with a small circular top window and 6 deeply-concave, oval side facets, which almost reach to the polished..
2000 Bouquet/Torsade - Ed. 30
Reference: PER 01387
One of Perthshire’s finest weights - a superb 3-dimensional bouquet with white, pale-lilac & red flowers plus various green leaves set within a pale-pink, blue & white corkscrew torsade over a strawberry-cut base. The weight has a large top facet and 24 geometric side facets.Scratch-signed “P” and n..
2000F Mushroom - Ed. 175
Reference: PER 03127
An end-of-day mushroom. The patterned tuft features 5 silhouette canes - panda, bird, penguin, kangaroo & squirrel - and the stem tapers to a point. The clear glass encasement is cut with a top facet, 5 round and 5 oval side facets. The base is finished with a 24-point star-cut.A P2000 signature/da..
2000E Budgerigars - Ed. 175
Reference: PER 03977
A pair of wild budgerigars with green breasts, yellow heads and long, pale-blue tails are set amongst the branches and leaves of their natural Australian habitat - a eucalyptus tree. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 16 oval side facets arranged in 2 rows.Signed with a tiny “P” ca..
2000B Closepack on Lace - Ed. 200
Reference: PER 02589
A large millefiori closepack with complex composite canes set on a white lace cushion. Colours range from pastel blues & greens through pale-pink & mauve to stronger emerald-greens, rich reds, turquoise and violet.A P2000 signature/date cane is included in the design - at ca. 6 o’clock in th..
1990s Red Double Overlay Ed. 1/1
Reference: PER 04315
An attractive one-off design believed to have been made in the late 1990s. Within an intricately-cut red/white double overlay is a 5-flower bouquet complete with buds and foliage.  The overlay is finished with a top facet and 4 rows of oval side facets - 64 in all.  Between the facets the ..
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