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Ysart Brothers/Vasart

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows paperweights by Salvador Ysart, the Ysart Brothers Company and its successor Vasart.

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Salvador Ysart: Signed Concentric
Reference: VAS 03849
This 4-row concentric - set on an opaque pale-green ground with splashes of yellow - is one of the few signed paperweights from Salvador Ysart !  The canes, which all have a central coloured tube or rod, are lined in russet, grey & green and sheathed in pale-orange, green & ivory. Signed with a “Y” ..
Rare “Y” Signature Cane (pre-1955)
Reference: VAS X095
A fine vintage concentric and one of the few signed paperweights from Salvador Ysart !  The “Y” signature cane is in the first row (at 5 o'clock in the first picture). 4 rows of well set up internal daisy canes with a central rod or small complex cane. The white canes are lined in red, pale-orange, ..
Rare Signed Concentric (Y Cane)
Reference: VAS X059
Salvador Ysart - the founder of the Ysart/Vasart paperweight-making dynasty - signed very few paperweights. This low-domed, 4-row concentric, around a white, red and yellow centre cane - which is slightly distorted due to an air bubble partly underneath it - is set on an opaque aqua ground. The Y si..
Vintage Feathered Design
Reference: VAS X145
This large, unusual feathered design is attributed to Salvador Ysart.  Floating above a blue textured ground is a “feathered” arrangement of green filigree rods together with blue/orange & red/white twists laid out around a cluster of yellow/orange complex millefiori canes.Fire-polished, concave bas..
6-point Star - Salvador Ysart ??
Reference: VAS 03873
A well-executed star design - probably the work of Salvador Ysart - on a striped ground. Neatly-set millefiori canes, which could well be attributed to Paul Ysart, but the striped ground is a feature more usually associated with Salvador rather than with his son. The glass has a purplish tint. Sligh..
Vintage Spaced Concentric
Reference: VAS 03877
A spaced concentric design attributed to Salvador Ysart - the striped ground is a feature often associated with his work. 7 different types of colourful, complex millefiori canes are arranged on an unusual reddish-orange “globular”ground with pale-yellowish stripes running through it.Flat, fire-poli..
Concentric / 4-cane Centre
Reference: VAS 03582
A well set-up spaced concentric design with no slippage attributed to Salvador Ysart. The 4-cane centre - here white daisy canes in lemon collars - is a feature often associated with Salavador’s work. Set on an opaque teal colour ground the 3 rings of complex millefiori canes - in colours ranging fr..
Concentric on Lemon Ground
Reference: VAS 00781
This weight has all the hallmarks of having been made by Salvador Ysart, possibly in the late 1940s judging by the grey tint to the glass. 3 concentric rings on mottled lemon surround a well-centred cluster of 5 mustard-yellow composite canes. The other canes include pale-lavender internal daisy can..
Concentric on Blue
Reference: VAS 00786
A large, 4-row close concentric that is almost identical to the few known weights that Salvador Ysart signed... and equally as well made, with no slippage. Canes in shades of pale-blue, sea-green, pale-orange, reddish-brown and ivory encircle a 4-cane centre - another feature often associated with S..
3-row Concentric
Reference: VAS 01028
A well set concentric - possibly the work of Salvador Ysart - with a 3-cane cluster in the centre framed by a row of composite canes, each composed of 17 individual blue, green & white elements bundled together. The canes are enhanced by the opaque sea-green ground. The glass has a distinct bluish-g..
Closepack with Garland
Reference: VAS 00774
Numerous complex millefiori canes - some of which could have come from either Salvador or Paul Ysart (for instance, the branch with 3 cherries - at 9 o’clock in the main image) - closely-packed on an opaque, sea-green ground. Glass compatibility unfortunately caused annealing cracks - 2 in the canes..
Concentric on Clear
Reference: VAS K197
Although not signed, weights of this style and quality can generally be attributed to Salvador Ysart. The canes in this precisely set-up 4-row concentric - including the centre cane, the white composite cane with orange centre and the white & pale-blue internal star cane with central rod in the oute..
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