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Ward, Mayauel

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.
This page shows the variety of work produced by this talented artist.

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Clownfish 2011
Reference: WAR 04386
A compound marine environment: an orange & yellow clownfish swims amongst aquatic plants above shells and diverse forms of marine life on the sea bed.  The motif is set against a mid-blue colour ground. Scratch signed, dated and numbered on the flat, polished base: Mayauel Ward 2011 PW42CRS..
Wildflower Bouquet (2011)
Reference: WAR 03786
A miniature spherical weight: bright-yellow, pale-mauve & blue/white striped wildflowers together with clusters of red berries, ripe blueberries and a trailing root system are set in an attractive arrangement of nature’s bounty and encased in clear crystal.Scratch-signed and dated around the side: M..
Pink Aster (2011)
Reference: WAR 01968
A spray of fruit and flowers. The curved vine bears a pink aster, red hawthorn berries, bright-yellow rock roses, buds and blue grape hyacinths. The arrangement is completed by narrow, variegated leaves, curling tendrils and trailing ariel roots. The clear crystal sphere is mounted on a black foot -..
Yellow Butterfly (2011)
Reference: WAR 01905
A compound weight with a swallowtail butterfly fluttering under a branch bearing pale-blue blossoms and green leaves. The light-brown bodied insect has long, pale-blue antennae and its outstretched bright-yellow wings are tipped with pale-blue and brown eyespots. The colourful insect is set against ..
Alpine Meadow (2011)
Reference: WAR 01969
Bright-orange flowers with long, white-tipped anthers, small yellow-centred, dusky-pink saxifrage, a pale-lilac campanula and variegated foliage growing next to a mound of granite cobbles in the gravel soil of an alpine meadow.The design is set over a black ground and the weight is virtually round -..
Violet Iris (2010)
Reference: WAR 01904
A compound weight displaying a beautiful iris with ruffled violet petals and a pale-pink “beard”. Borne on a short stem, the flower is growing from a tuft of bright-green, lanceolate leaves over an opaque raspberry pink ground.Signed Mayauel Ward and dated on the flat, polished base and inscribed P..
Stylized White Flower (2009)
Reference: WAR 03785
A stylized white flower with 6 diaphanous, ruffled petals set around fine, thread-like yellow anthers. The bloom is supported by a short stem bearing 3 green leaves above a translucent, iridescent raspberry-pink cushion.Scratch-signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Mayauel Ward 2009.  ..
Bearded Iris (2009)
Reference: WAR 01512
A showy flower head displays bright-yellow, ruffled petals with a pink & red “ beard”. The flower is borne on a short brown stem growing from a 2-layer tuft of pale green, sword-shaped leaves over an iridescent reddish-pink cushion.Scratch-signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Mayauel Ward 2..
Serenity (2009)
Reference: WAR 01510
An appealing small bouquet over a clear ground featuring a lavender-coloured china rose and a mixture of pale-blue, pink, white and orange-red wild flowers, buds, variegated foliage and curling tendrils.Signed and dated around the weight: Mayauel Ward 2009. Small polished, concave base.  ..
Madrigal (2009)
Reference: WAR 01509
A beautiful small bouquet, centred by a scarlet china rose arranged with a small white flower, a cluster of dark-blue bell flowers, pink flowers and buds and 2 deep-purple berries. The bouquet is encased in clear crystal over a black foot, so it looks quite different when viewed from the side or fro..
Lady’s Slipper Orchids (2009)
Reference: WAR 01511
A medium-size weight depicting 2 lady’s slipper orchids, each with 3 yellow & lilac striped petals and a ruffled pink “lip”, borne on a single stem growing from a tuft of pale-green leaves with ariel roots and set over a white ground.Signed and dated around the weight: Mayauel Ward 2009. Small polis..
Reddish-orange Butterfly (2008)
Reference: WAR 03801
A 2-layer weight featuring a brown-bodied butterfly fluttering under a raceme of pinkish-mauve wisteria and a branch bearing pale-green leaves. The insect’s outstretched reddish-orange wings are tipped with cinnamon & white eyespots. The design is set over an opaque pale-green ground.Flat polished b..
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