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Cape Cod

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of work from this now defunct glass company established by W. Burchfield.

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1994 Pink & Gold Crown - Ed. 40
Reference: CCG 04318
Twelve white filigree tubes alternating with twisted ribbons - pink on one side, gold aventurine on the other - radiate out over a clear core from a cluster of pink/white millefiori canes around a white plaque bearing the letters BMM.  Commissioned by the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in Neenah, Wisconsin..
Colourful Scrambled
Reference: CCG 03799
A scrambled weight with a white/green rose in the centre and 6 other whole canes scattered amongst the predominantly pink, green & red twists & ribbons, with just a couple of hints of dark-blue and sprinkled gold aventurine. Signed indistinctly in a pink/white cane with the faint initials “BMM”, whi..
3-colour Marbrie (Ed. 50)
Reference: CCG 03798
A 3-colour marbrie with alternating muted pink, white & dark-blue swags crowned by a cluster of complex pink & white millefiori canes centred by a purple & green rose. The cluster includes a CCGW 95 signature/date cane and a second one marked PCA 95 to commemorate the fact that this limited edition ..
Roses on Muslin (1997)
Reference: CCG 02250
The company first used a rose as a signature cane in 1992. This weight contains 13 roses on muslin over a translucent dark-blue cushion. Not all the roses have a signature (usually so tiny as to be almost illegible). Of the 6 canes at the top, 2 have a “wBc” signature (one being the official 1997 ro..
Blue/White Marbrie (1994)
Reference: CCG 02251
A design generally associated with antique St Louis paperweights - here in an excellent, relatively large version from Cape Cod Glass. The white colouring of the weight is divided into quadrants by 4 blue swags forming  evenly-distributed festoons around the surface. A large purple & green “wBc” sig..
Scrambled with Centre Rose (1998)
Reference: CCG 01408
A ball-shaped scrambled signed with a cane bearing the initials "BMM", which was used for a series of weights made for the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in 1998. 7 whole canes - including a central white,  lilac & green rose (which doesn't appear to contain any initials) - are scattered amongst the predom..
Scrambled/Centre Rose (1996)
Reference: CCG X104
A white/pale-pink rose - with a miniature deep-pink & green rose at its centre - is set on top of a cushion composed of 4 or 5 complex pastel-coloured crimp canes (one with another miniature deep-pink rose hidden in the centre). A 3rd yellow-centred deep-pink & green rose is to be found near the bas..
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