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Cape Cod

William Burchfield (1942-2012) originally set up Cape Cod Glass Works in 1976 in Massachusetts. He had first become interested in glass while working at the Pairpoint Glass Company in the early 1970s. The first signature cane in his paperweights bore the initials WBC. In 1990, the CCGW signature cane with a two digit date was introduced and in 1992 rose canes containing the initials wBc were added. The company made a wide range of quality, collectable weights - crowns, marbries, millefiori, scrambleds and crimp roses. The company was closed down in 2000.

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Reference: CCG 04318
Twelve white filigree tubes alternating with twisted ribbons - pink on one side, gold aventurine on the other - radiate out over a clear core from a cluster of pink/white millefiori canes around a white plaque bearing the letters BMM.  Commissioned by the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in Neenah, Wisconsin..
Reference: CCG 04319
A footed crown with pairs of filigree rods - one containing a loosely-twisted cranberry ribbon, the other containing a tightly-twisted cranberry & purple ribbon - alternating with pairs of white filigree tubes over a clear core.  Centring the rods is a cluster of pink/white, green/white & blue mille..
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