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Lotton Studios

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of this well-established studio.

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Pink Trilliums (2010)
Reference: LTS 03012
The clear glass is set with 3 raspberry-pink trilliums in full bloom. The petals have delicate brownish-yellow veins and - protruding from the throat - is a yellow pistil. The stylized flowers are borne on yellowish-green stems. The weight is finished with a small top facet and 3 narrow side flutes ..
Dragonlilies (2010)
Reference: LTS 03013
Set amongst greenish-yellow intertwined vines and leafs are 3 yellow dragonlilies with white veins on the petals - which add a delicate touch to the 6-petalled blossoms. Protruding from the throat of each blossom is a yellow pistil. In addition to 3 narrow side flutes - which end in round facets - t..
White Dragonlilies (2010)
Reference: LTS 01646
The clear glass is set with green-veined, white dragonlilies growing from intertwined yellowish-green stems. The green veins on the 6-petalled flowers add a delicate touch - enhanced by the yellow pistil protruding from the throat.Scratch-signed on the flat, polished base: Jerry Heer 2010 Lotton St..
Miniature Calla Lilies (2010)
Reference: LTS 01642
A simple but effective design: 3 mauve calla lilies set between dark-green, pointed leaves over clear ground. The delicately-shaded, funnel-shaped flowers have deep, blue-tinged throats and a bright-yellow pistil. Scratch-signed above the flat, polished base: Scott Bayless 2010 Lotton Studio...
Pale-pink Trilliums (2010)
Reference: LTS 01643
3 trilliums in a delicate shade of pink - with deeper pink veins in the petals and yellow rod pistils in the throat - growing from a whorl of yellowish-green vines. Scratch-signed on the flat, polished base: Jerry Heer 2010 Lotton Studio...
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