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Ayotte, Melissa

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.
This page shows examples of the work of this talented East Coast artist.
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Chicory Bouquet
Reference: AYO 04263
Set against a white ground with a faint hint of pink is a large, double-layered lavender chicory centring an arrangement of pink, white & purple flowers over variegated leaves and curling tendrils. The weight is script-signed and dated M Ayotte ‘19 above the basal rim. Polished, concave base with wi..
Purple ‘Mum' Bouquet (2019)
Reference: AYO 04264
An attractive medium-size weight with an arrangement of pale-pink & white blooms around a deep-purple chrysanthemum.  The bouquet is set on a bed of variegated leaves over a white ground with a faint pink tinge.The weight is signed and dated: M. Ayotte ‘19.  Polished, concave..
Pink Dahlia Bouquet (2019)
Reference: AYO 04265
Variegated green leaves and curling tendrils provide the backdrop to this floral arrangement centred by a pink dahlia surrounded by blue & purple bell flowers. The bouquet is set on a white ground.The weight is signed and dated: M. Ayotte ‘19 above the basal rim.  Polished, concave base...
Arrangement with Pink Rose (2018)
Reference: AYO 04041
A delicate single pink rose crowns an attractive arrangement of small pink, white, yellow & blue flowers set on a bed of dark-green leaves over a clear V-groove star-cut base. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 side facets. Script-signed and dated above the basal rim: M Ayotte 20..
Blooms & Berries (2018)
Reference: AYO 04040
The clear glass set with blooms and berries; small pale lemon flowers, 2 showy pink flowers with upright yellow stamen, an orange/yellow sunflower and ripe blueberries.  Variegated leaves and curling tendrils complete the arrangement. Polished, concave base with wide wear ring.  Script-signed and da..
White Dahlia on Dichroic Ground (2018)
Reference: AYO 04092
A yellow-centred, multi-petalled white dahlia set over a dichroic ground.  Completing the design are yellow & red wild flowers and variegated green leaves. Depending on how the light falls on the dichroic ground, it appears blue or greenish-gold.The weight is signed M. Ayotte 2018 on the side above ..
Bouquet on Dichroic Ground (2018)
Reference: AYO 04091
An arrangement of blue & yellow flowers centred by a large purple bloom with layered petals around a deep-pink & green stamen.  The arrangement is completed by curling tendrils and green leaves.  The dichroic ground appears golden or blue, depending on how the light catches it.  The weight is finish..
Blue Dahlia Bouquet (2017)
Reference: AYO 03911
A multi-petalled blue dahlia centres a beautiful floral arrangement above an iridescent ground. Completing the design are wispy, yellow-centred flowers, blue & white blooms and variegated green leaves. Depending on how the light falls on the dichroic ground, it appears blue, blueish-green even pinki..
Miniature Posy (2009)
Reference: AYO 01589
A miniature weight over clear ground centred by a pink tea-rose surrounded by small white blossoms and, by way of contrast, 3 showy, bright-yellow flowers. The arrangement is encircled by pointed dark-green leaves. A blue/white “A” signature-cane is set beneath the foliage.The weight is additionally..
Miniature Chicory (2009)
Reference: AYO 01588
A miniature weight with pale-yellow and deep-purple bell flowers surrounding a chicory flowerhead with a double layer of white-edged, pale-lavender rays and upright white pistils set against dark-green foliage and curling pale-green tendrils. Signed with a blue & white “A” cane beneath the leaves. T..
Purple Clematis (2009)
Reference: AYO 01471
A colourful floral arrangement featuring deep-purple clematis centred by tufts of long feathery yellow stamen. Completing the arrangement are small orange and wispy pink flowers, curling tendrils and dark-green leaves - all set over a clear ground. A blue/white “A” signature cane is embedded on the ..
Chicory & Bell Flowers (2009)
Reference: AYO 01591
An attractive, subtly-coloured floral arrangement over clear ground combining the pale-lavender of the chicory blooms with pale-peach and pink & white bell flowers. Completing the design are spring-green, red-veined leaves and pale-green & black curling tendrils. On the underside of the foliage is a..
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