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Hunter, Mike

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows the range of paperweights produced by this English artist, who has his studio in Selkirk.

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Purple & Cream Roses 1/1 (2021)
New Archived
Reference: TWI 04406
A mid-size weight set on a base of white staves over a clear ground: purple & cream rose canes encircle a new silhouette cane depcting a pair of colourful lovebirds. Scratch-signed M. Hunter Twists 21 1 of 1 on the flat, polished base...
Gouldian Finches 1/1 (2021)
Reference: TWI 04407
A small weight centred by a new silhouette cane depicting gouldian finches - colourful birds native to Australia.  Complex millefiori canes composed of dozens of white-tipped blue rods encircle pale-green rose canes in a white stave basket over a clear cushion. Signed with an MH cane within the..
Red Rose Concentric 1/1 (2020)
Reference: TWI 04284
A striking arrangement of complex millefiori canes in a design centered by a dark-red rose.  Each of the florets in the second row are composed of 6 red/white heart silhouettes within a circle of white stardust canes.  The colour ground is translucent blue above a bed of white-tipped blue staves.The..
5-row Concentric 1/1 (2020)
Reference: TWI 04282
A 5-row concentric set around a white stardust cane.  Extremely complex millefiori canes in lavender, pink, ochre & various shades of blue contrast with a row of brown canes each containing 17 red/white hearts.  The design is set over a translucent sapphire-blue cushion on a bed of blu..
Patterned Millefiori 1/1 (2020)
Reference: TWI 04283
A fine patterned design composed of extremely complex millefiori canes in shades of lavender, turquoise, pink, pale-orange, brown & dark-blue set around a white rose cane in the centre.  The canes are arranged over a translucent sapphire-blue cushion on a bed of blue staves. Flat, polished ..
Concentric with Silhouette Cane 1/1 (2019)
Reference: TWI 04233
Pink rose canes and 4 rows of complex millefiori canes in a huge range of colours - blues, mauve, green & brown - encircle a silhouette cane depicting a leaping cat in a design set on a translucent, sapphire-blue cushion above a bed of white staves.Signed with an MH cane in the flat, polished base. ..
Concentric with Pink Roses 1/1 (2019)
Reference: TWI 04180
A 5-row concentric with extremely complex millefiori canes in purples & reds, dark-green & light green complementing a ring of 11 pink rose canes.  This attractive one-off design is set on a translucent, sapphire-blue colour ground above light-blue staves.The flat, polished base is centred by an MH ..
Lancovar 1/1 (2019)
Reference: TWI 04254
A patterned weight beautifully executed in just two colours: white & various shades of blue.  A white rose surrounded by 5 blue roses centres the design, which is completed by 5 large, 2-ring millefiori canes - set between semi-circles of complex blue & white canes - and an outer garland of dark & l..
Quexon 1/1 (2019)
Reference: TWI 04190
A large pink rose, pairs of red roses & white stardust canes fill the centre of this one-off design.  Encircling them are two rows of complex millefiori canes composed of white stars and tiny pale-blue, purple, pale-green, red & pale-orange tubes.  The canes rest on a translucent, sapphire-blue cush..
28-Silhouette Closepack 1/1 (2019)
Reference: TWI 04179
At first glance there only appears to be 6 black-on-white silhouettes - a bird, various moths, a cat & a dancing couple - but look a little closer and incorporated in Mike’s intricate - and colourful - millefiori canes are another 22 silhouettes!  There are also a couple of roses, pansies & Japanese..
Blue Rose Patterned 1/1 (2018)
Reference: TWI 04181
The design is centred by a blue rose encircled by complex millefiori canes in various shades of blue complemented by white & light-brown.  5 white Japanese anemones are spaced around the centre adjacent to pairs of smaller white anemones at the centre of complex canes.  Underlaid with a translucent,..
Alkuna 1/1 (2018)
Reference: TWI 04006
Slightly larger than Mike’s usual closepacks, this stunning paperweight contains an assortment of intricate millefiori canes including rose canes (dark-red, yellow, mauve, white), a stylized white Japanese anemone, yellow pansies, butterfly & other silhouettes and a clown’s face at the centre of a c..
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