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Ysart, Paul

Paul Ysart (1904 -1991) was born in Spain. The family emigrated and eventually settled in Scotland in 1915. In 1921 Paul began an apprenticeship at the Moncrieff glassworks. During the 1930s he was already making quality paperweights, as we know from Evangeline Bergstrom’s book “Old Glass Paperweights” printed in 1940. Two of his weights were illustrated and - due to their quality - Mrs. Bergstrom assumed they must be French, although she was puzzled by the PY signature. From 1962 to 1972 Paul worked as a training officer at Caithness Glass before setting up his own companies Harland and Highland Paperweights. Paul Ysart continued to produce beautiful - and today very sought after - paperweights up to the end of the 1970s.

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Reference: YSA X152
Set over a clear ground is a tightly-packed cluster of approx. 25 complex millefiori canes - in colours ranging from lavender, pink & mauve to green, yellow & brown - around a PY signature cane. (see composite picture)  The border garland is composed of mauve, pink & white complex c..
Reference: YSA X153
A meticulously set millefiori arrangement with approx. 35 simple and complex canes closely packed in the centre encircled by a double garland composed of 3 different types of millefiori canes.  The design is set over a sand ground.Wide flat fire-polished base with a central concavity and a gold..
Reference: YSA X151
A large early closepack with approx. 20 mainly complex millefiori canes set around the perimeter as a garland enclosing the closepack centre.  Altogether there are some 70 simple and complex canes set on a translucent green ground. Fire-polished, concave base with an unfinished pontil mark.&nbs..
Reference: YSA 03859
The pink/yellow & ruby/pale-orange canes in the central set-up in this high-domed weight are encircled by a row of complex millefiori canes and an outer row of pale-blue canes & orange latticinio twists in translucent tubes. The design is set on an opaque cream-coloured ground. Fire-polished..
Reference: YSA 03869
A miniature weight with 6 complex millefiori canes - filled with numerous colourful tiny canes & rods - set around a large corrugated/cog cane in the centre of a semi-translucent cream-coloured  ground.Signed on the underside with a pink/white H cane. Flat polished base with a blue/white PY sticker...
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