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Kaziun, Charles Jr.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of this "master of miniaturization".

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9-cane Chequer
Reference: KAZ 02032
A gold aventurine grid divides the translucent pale-amethyst ground into 9 squares each containing a complex millefiori cane. An emerald-green shamrock silhouette in a white cog dominates the centre, while the white cogs in the corners are centred by 2 bright-red heart silhouettes, a pale-blue heart..
Miniature Millefiori
Reference: KAZ 00934
A central composite signature cane - 19 blue/white stars and ruby/white florets around a blue/white “K” - is encircled by 8 complex millefiori canes (including silhouettes of a blue rabbit and a green shamrock) within a pink & white corkscrew torsade on a translucent cobalt-blue ground, flecked with..
Millefiori with Silhouettes
Reference: KAZ 00989
9 miniature millefiori canes - with silhouettes of turtles, shamrocks and a red heart - are set around a central complex cane within a spiralling lime-green & pink torsade (closed with a “K” signature cane) over a robin’s-egg blue ground sprinkled with goldstone. A gold-foil “K” is embedded on the u..
Concentric Millefiori
Reference: KAZ 00979
A beautiful pink & green Clichy-style rose, plus silhouettes in the other 6 canes (2 emerald shamrocks, red turtle, blue duck, rabbit and red heart) on an opaque rose-coloured ground sprinkled with goldstone. The canes are encircled by a spiralling blue & white torsade, which is closed by a “K” sig..
Corkscrew Torsade - 12 Silhouettes
Reference: KAZ 00971
Encircled by a coral-pink & white corkscrew torsade - incorporating a blue & white “K” signature cane - are 8 assorted millefiori canes - including silhouettes of blue and white hearts, 2 green shamrocks and a red turtle - set around a central ruby, white, pink & green composite cane, over a translu..
Rare Chequer on Amethyst
Reference: KAZ K255
Set on a rare translucent amethyst ground, fine lines of goldstone separate 9 miniature canes - including a Clichy-style rose ! Silhouettes include 2 shamrocks - in dark-green & pale-green - and 6 tiny white hearts. Cut with a top and 6 side facets.Signed with a gold-foil “K”initial on the underside..
Chequer on Cobalt Blue
Reference: KAZ 00536
9 fine canes - set chequer style - from the master of miniaturization. You need a magnifying glass to appreciate the artistry of the complex canes and silhouettes, which include a red heart, a white heart, a dark green shamrock and a pale blue turtle. The weight is cut with a top window and 6 side f..
Elephant Silhouette
Reference: KAZ K236
A gold-foil elephant silhouette on a blue/black star - is encircled by 11 miniature millefiori canes within a pink & white filigree twist torsade, which is closed with a blue & white “K” signature cane. The complex canes contain 3 shamrock silhouettes (in various shades of green), a guppy and 2 red ..
Millefiori & Silhouettes
Reference: KAZ K233
A “K” signature cane joins the ends of the white latticinio twist torsade encircling 9 miniature millefiori canes spaced around the translucent cobalt blue ground, which is liberally sprinkled with goldstone. The 6 silhouettes include 2 horse’s heads, a duck, a black turtle, red heart and green sham..
Millefiori / Pink Torsade
Reference: KAZ K211
A beautifully-made millefiori piece featuring miniature canes set on a green ground sprinkled with goldstone. The 9 canes - including silhouettes of a green shamrock, a pale blue turtle, tiny blue and white hearts and a duck portrait - are enclosed within a coral-pink torsade which contains a “K” s..
Hunter & Dog Silhouette
Reference: KAZ K147
Featured at the centre of this weight is a hunter and dog silhouette cane. It's surrounded by 12 millefiori canes within a tightly-twisted coral pink & white torsade and set on a green ground sprinkled with goldstone. The other silhouettes in the tiny millefiori canes include a pale-blue turtle, a b..
9-Cane Miniature
Reference: KAZ K145
9 beautifully-made millefiori canes - including a green shamrock and red heart silhouette - enclosed within a tightly-twisted blue & white torsade over a translucent amethyst ground sprinkled with goldstone. The miniature weight is cut with a top window and 5 side facets. Signed with a “K” cane. In..
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