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Federici, K.+R.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of these artists.

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Autumn Glory (2007)
Reference: FED 00951
A nature study composed of 4 muted pink/mauve flowers with upright yellow stamen and 2 smaller white blossoms with red-tipped petals. Twisted stems and mottled green leaves complete the design over clear ground.Scratch-signed and dated around the side of the weight. Polished, concave base.  ..
Breath of Spring (2007)
Reference: FED 00952
A floral arrangement evoking a feeling of spring with delicate white blossoms not yet fully open, surrounded by small, yellow-centred blue & mauve flowers and green striped foliage over clear ground.Polished,concave base. The weight is scratch-signed and dated around the waist.  ..
Evening Glow (2007)
Reference: FED 00953
The clear glass set with a delightful bouquet which captures the warm glow of a summer evening; multi-petalled flowers - in subtle shades of white, muted pink, mauve and lilac - borne on twisted, variegated green stems are arranged amongst green leaves.Narrow basal rim around the polished concave ba..
White & Orange Blossoms (2000)
Reference: FED 01012
The clear glass set with a branch bearing green leaves and 5 orange blossoms, intertwined with a large white blossom.Scratch signed and dated on the side. Polished, concave base.  ..
Mauve Blossoms
Reference: FED K201
The clear glass set with a branched stem bearing 3 mauve blossoms and a green leaf.The polished concave base is surrounded by a narrow wear rim. Scratch-signed and dated on the side of the weight.  ..
Spring Blossoms (2002)
Reference: FED K132
A branch with white, pale pink and magenta spring blossoms - with upright yellow stamen - wet with morning dew set over clear ground.Signed and dated around the weight: Karen Federici 2002. Polished, concave base...
Red Berries
Reference: FED K202
The clear glass set with a branch bearing bright red berries, spring blossom and foliage. Scratch-signed on the side. Polished, concave base.  ..
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