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PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical 20th Century examples of the work of this famous English glassworks.

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1979 Large Bumble Bee
Reference: WHI 02170
Probably the rarest of the 3 “animal” weights and the most difficult to find. Bundles of blue/white rods and pale-yellow/pink canes form the body; the wings are made of pink-centred white composite canes. The head is a blue/white composite cane, the eyes lilac/white. The canes in the cluster above t..
1980 Large Butterfly
Reference: WHI 02106
A superb weight with a pale-blue butterfly on a sapphire blue ground within a white/pink meandering garland. The body is composed of pale-blue & pale-lilac bundled rods, the head is made of pink & blue millefiori canes with 2 blue-rod antennae. Each wing contains ca. 30 pale-blue bundled-rod canes; ..
1979 Pale-green Butterfly
Reference: WHI 03392
A large butterfly set over a light-green ground. Soft watercolour hues lend the insect an etheral quality. The wings are composed of pale-green/yellow millefiori canes with white/pink canes enhancing the tips of each one. Pale-blue & pale-lilac rods form the body; pink, blue & white canes the head. ..
1978 Large White Butterfly
Reference: WHI 02274
A large millefiori butterfly from the first year this design was produced. The insect’s body is formed from bundled pale-blue, pale-green, lilac & white rods; the head is shaped from a green & white composite cane with 2 blue rod antennae. White & red composite canes make up both the fore and hind w..
1979 Butterfly & Rose
Reference: WHI 04388
A large butterfly set below a pink & white Clichy-style rose.  Bordered in pink the insect’s outstretched wings are infilled with blue complex millefiori canes.  Pale-blue rods form the body and antennae, with a single blue compound cane for the head.  Encircled by a pale-green/wh..
1979 Large Owl on Dark-blue
Reference: WHI 04128
White & pink complex millefiori canes make up the bird’s body with clusters of pale-green tubes forming the wings.  Yellow cog canes serve as the eyes while a brown & white star cog represents the beak.  Scattered around the bird are yellow “daffodil” canes and the whole design is encircled by a gar..
1979 Large Owl on Light-Green
Reference: WHI 01850
Pattern No. 601: a large multi-cane owl, which was first made in 1979 - only  a few were made before the factory closed in 1980. The body is made of white & pink complex millefiori canes, the wings are clusters of pale-green tubes. 2 large yellow cog canes - filled with tiny lilac, pink &am..
1976 Pink Fish 1/1 ?
Reference: WHI 04389
Possibly a trial mosaic fish design created for Pattern 200 weights; the fish at the centre of this weight is composed of tiny pink canes punctuated by 5 green-lined white tubes, an “eye” cane and outlined in cobalt blue.  Set in clear, it is encircled by a swirling motion of green, turquoise a..
1978 Mid-size Panelled
Reference: WHI 03048
A medium size panelled weight with lavender, pink, blue & white complex millefiori canes separated by 5 lace twists which radiate out from a centre cluster of blue/white canes & blue/pink tubes over a translucent cobalt-blue colour ground. 5 + 1 faceting.Signed with a blue/white 1978 date cane. Typi..
1980 Rare Mid-size Trefoils
Reference: WHI 01795
This beautifully-cut, eye-catching mid-size weight displays 2 multi-cane interlaced trefoils (in pale-green & pale-lilac) over a translucent dark-blue ground. The garlands are looped around pink, white & blue composite canes with a slightly larger cane in the centre. The weight has a fluted top wind..
1979 Mid-size Rose & Daffodils
Reference: WHI 00702
Whitefriars made few mid-size weights. This one is centred by a pink & white rose. Surrounding it are yellow “daffodil” canes and pale-pink clusters, enclosed in a meandering white garland. The ground is a translucent pale-green. A “mirror-inverted” blue/white 1979 signature/date cane is incorporate..
1975 Mid-sized Concentric
Reference: WHI 04078
Whitefriars made only a few mid-size weights. This 5-row concentric is set with white, blue & green canes sandwiched between pink canes over a clear ground.A blue/white 1975 signature/date cane is incorporated in the row of white canes.  Typical Whitefriars button base .  The weight bears an origina..
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