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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Oval Loops (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 03856
6 oval loops of blue/white & blue/pink millefiori canes are spaced around the outer edge of a translucent olive-green ground (appears black!) Each loop is centred by a cane; small corrugated canes are placed between each loop. Signed with a green/white PY cane in the centre cluster. Flat, polished b..
Rare PY-Signed Thistle
Reference: YSA 01689
A rare purple & green millefiori thistle on a translucent mottled amethyst ground with the PY signature cane set near the end of the stalk.Although not in keeping with the artist’s usual practice, this weight was finished with a polished, concave base. Dark tint to the glass; probably pre-1940 Moncr..
Red/white Basket (Scratch-signed)
Reference: YSA 02055
One of the more rarely seen Ysart designs; floating in a basket of white latticinio tubes alternating with red/white cog canes are 2 concentric rows of pink, white, pale-orange & green complex millefiori canes set around a burgundy, white & yellow centre cog cane. The latticinio and red cogs are dra..
Filigree Snake (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01034
The off-white body of the reptile - encased in tightly-coiled, yellowish-green filigree - is lying on a mossy-green ground. The snake’s head, with black & white eyes and a red tongue, is raised as if ready to strike. A PY signature cane is set near the end of the snake’s tail. The large glass sphere..
Miniature with Complex Centre (H cane)
Reference: YSA 03580
A miniature weight made at Harland with a large feature cane in the centre made by fusing simple individual canes and a number of complex millefiori canes together. Set around it in the semi-translucent lemon ground are 3 pink/white composite canes and 3 slightly larger green/white composite canes.S..
Garlanded 5-flower Bouquet (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 03995
Set on a translucent wine-red ground (appears as opaque black!) is a 5-flower bouquet tied with a large blue bow. The purple, pink, orange, blue & white flowers are accompanied by 5 pointed green leaves.  Encircling the bouquet is a garland of green/white/red complex millefiori canes.Signed with a g..
Rare 1963 Dated Bouquet
Reference: YSA 02782
During the first couple of years that Paul Ysart worked as training officer at Caithness, the company distributed ca. 5 or 6 of these dated one-off designs each year to its major outlets to find out whether there was a market for paperweights. (At that time Caithness did not include paperweights in ..
Garlanded Bouquet (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01690
A 5-flower bouquet arranged with 3 dark-green leaves and tied with a large blue bow. The PY signature cane is in the centre of the mauve flower on the left. The bouquet is encircled by a garland of turquoise, blue, white and red complex millefiori canes and set over a translucent amethyst ground (ap..
Large Bouquet (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 02056
A bouquet with numerous small flowers and stems anchored by one large flower - in this case a 5-petalled, mauve single clematis. It is surrounded by 11 fantasy flowers (including 2 buds) and 9 long, slender green leaves. The bouquet is set flush with the opaque, mottled blue ground.The PY signature ..
Garlanded Bouquet
Reference: YSA X093
A large, early, low-domed 5-flower bouquet in shades of pink, yellow and turquoise with tall slender leaves and millefiori canes at the base of the stems. Encircling the design - set on a translucent, mottled cobalt-blue ground - is a continuous garland with 3 types of millefiori canes.Flat, polishe..
Latticinio Twist Garland (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA 02123
An unusually small weight (60mm - 2 3/8"). It is encircled by a garland of latticinio twists and alternating blue/white & green/white canes. The canes in the neatly-set millefiori arrangement in the centre are pale-blue, pink, mustard-yellow, green and white with a touch of orange. The dark-amber cu..
Twist Garland (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA 00626
A superb example of the work of this master paperweight maker! A neat set-up with a border garland composed of 2 types of canes - separated by latticinio twists - encircling a central patterned arrangement with pink & green complex canes on a black ground.The gold Monart label on the base helps to d..
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