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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Dated Magnum Concentric
Reference: YSA 02550
A magnum concentric inscribed Caithness Glass 1965 on the base. Surrounding an orange/white/green centre cog are two rows of millefiori canes - one with deep-pink/white/green composite canes, the other composed of ochre/white cog clusters alternating with red/white/green corrugated canes. Between th..
Magnum Concentric
Reference: YSA K092
A 5-row magnum concentric. A pink, white & green complex centre cane is encircled by 2 rows of alternating millefiori canes and 3 rows of canes joined by latticinio twists laid lengthwise to form a continuous ring. The outer row has 2 different types of twists between the corrugated canes. A meticul..
4-row Concentric on Clear
Reference: YSA 03857
A perfectly-crafted 4-row concentric set around a yellowish-green star and made up of 6 different types of complex millefiori canes with alternating canes in the 2nd and 4th rows. Colours range from pale-pink, pale-blue & pale-amber to purple, lime-green & orange.The base, which shows considerable s..
Concentric on Bluish-grey Jasper
Reference: YSA 03860
A magnum, high domed weight with 8 colourful, extremely complex millefiori canes encircled by 8 white cog canes with green /orange centres set in ruby surrounds. Pink-centred filigree tubes and blue-centred upright twists form the perimeter garland. The design is set over an unusual bluish-grey jasp..
Spaced Concentric (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 02050
A 3-row spaced concentric with alternating canes in each row. Surrounding the green/white complex cane in the centre are millefiori canes in shades of pale & deep-pink, white, pale-amber, green and different shades of blue. Although the colour ground appears to be opaque black - it is, in fact, a se..
4-row Concentric (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 00524
A high-domed 4-row concentric centred by a large, white cane underlaid with translucent green. Surrounding the centre are blue/white florets and alternating colourful complex canes, with a PY signature cane set between them. In the 3rd row, complex canes alternate with pairs of green/white cogs whil..
Spaced Concentric (H Cane)
Reference: YSA 01674
2 concentric rings with 15 millefiori canes spaced around a white-collared centre cane. The first ring has 5 complex canes; the outer ring has 5 large, highly-intricate canes alternating with 5 relatively simple ones. An eye-catching design thanks to the variety of the canes and colours - set agains..
Concentric with Upright Twists
Reference: YSA 03022
The central millefiori cane in this concentric design is encircled by a ring of upright twists and a second ring of complex orange millefiori canes alternating with upright twists. Twists also feature in the border garland - standing upright in the green/white circlets and lying flat as blue/white s..
Concentric with Closepack Centre
Reference: YSA X142
Closely-packed in the centre of this well set-up design are approx 25 simple and complex millefiori canes. Encircling them are 2 rings of complex pink/white & green/white canes with an outer ring of white/blue corrugated canes. The glass displays a faint purplish tint.Flat, polished base. Attributed..
Spaced Concentric with Cable Twists
Reference: YSA 04077
Encircling a cluster of green/white cogs are 3 rings of colourful millefiori canes alternating with upright and horizontal cable twists. Cane and twist colours include powder blue, pistachio, purple, yellow & orange.  The ground is translucent mottled cranberry.  Slightly concave base with rough, un..
Cable Twist
Reference: YSA 00649
Surrounding an orange/ruby-lined star centre cane are 2 rings of alternating canes. The first with green/white, yellow/white complex canes; the second with blue/white and orange/ruby-star canes (a repeat of the centre cane). Sections of white latticinio - enriched with copper aventurine - placed len..
Sparkling Cable Twists
Reference: YSA 00679
Encircling a purple, white and tan centre cane are rings of yellow & blue/white millefiori canes and orange canes alternating with upright sections of lavender-coloured latticino and a white centre tube. The continuous garland is formed with simple turquoise/white cogs and two-tone orange cable twis..
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